Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was looking for a temporary job for my brother who has just graduated from college – but is having a hard time finding a job since he hasn’t taken his licensure board exam yet.
I decided that he can try a work-at-home data entry job first.
However, I knew that he had to work on his typing skills.
You see, if you want a job in data entry, transcription, or web content writing, you should have advanced typing skills – which is just what my brother lacks.
Worse, most employers would require a typing rate of 50 to 70 wpm (plus proficiency in grammar dynamics and sentence construction), while my brother’s wpm rates at 35-40 only.
So, I knew that I had to look for a free typing software program he could use.
One of the top results from Google and Yahoo is the TypingMaster Typing Test. Here’s a rundown of what it offers:

• It’s major advantage – IT’S TOTALLY FREE
• It has multi-user support
• It has versatile features that you can customize
• Typing master contains many default test texts you can practice with. You can take these tests again and again until you’ve finally perfected your typing skills. If you get tired of the default texts, you can also add your own text and create your own tests.
• You don’t just type and type all throughout the day to improve your skills. To prevent boredom from ruining your learning experience, you can play games as well. This typing software features four typing games - clouds, bubbles, wordtris, and abc.
• TypingMaster helps you track your development. It can help you determine your typing accuracy and wpm rate. Each time you take a typing test, it displays your performance level i.e. time, net and gross speed, and accuracy. If you want to assess your overall progress, this software will also generate your personal test results history.
• The best thing about this typing software is that it offers printable typing certificates. Most employers will find this certificate of great value to your qualifications.

DETAILS: You need Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows 98. The total file size is 1.64 MB.