Monday, December 28, 2009

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Monday, December 21, 2009

What Would I do With a Modu?

Some Notable Facts About the MODU...

The Modu phone features a dynamic user interface and a unique seven-key keypad, and it only weighs 1.5 ounces (It’s actually recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s lightest fully-functional phone).

The Modu comes with jackets (fashionable phone enclosures that you can slide on to give the phone a full keypad). These let you customize the look and features of your Modu.

The Modu phone is triband, has a mass storage device with 2GB internal flash memory (available memory for user is 1.6GB) and supports Bluetooth connectivity.

The Modu phone is available for as low as P7,999 via Globe Tattoo prepaid kit… but since I’m trying to save up for my twins, I’m joining their promo…

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gloo as a Collaboration Tool

Gloo is a virtual page where you can post notes, doodle, create a to-do list, and put pictures and videos directly from your Facebook account, and the web. Once you’ve invited your family and friends to your space, they can view, create and change your space elements in real time so technically, it is like a collaborative sketchpad.
Above is a screenshot of my Gloo space. I was using it much like a social network page before as I shared my daughter’s pictures and videos to my friends. However, after I’ve invited my sister and my brother to my page, it assumed a new function – that of a family bulletin board. My sister posted her assignment in algebra and while I was answering the math questions, my brother took the chance to post his special requests. It almost felt like we’re just inches apart. The site was very convenient and easy to use.
Aside from being a message pad for the family, the Gloo page can also be used as a collaboration board for planning events, organizing business and organization discussions and meetings, and more. It also offers a free messaging service (You can send 30 SMS to your contacts everyday for FREE, and forward pictures via MMS for PhP 5.00)
For more information, you can inquire about Gloo at the Globe Broadband website.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Yugatech Great Gadget Giveaway

Starting today, brace yourself for a bunch of exciting giveaways from the “YugaTech Great Gadget Giveaway”. This week, the major theme will be “Merry Tweetmas”. Here’s the mechanics:

1) Follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe on Twitter.
2) Post a tweet “Just entered to win a Modu Phone. Quick! Go follow @abeolandres and @talk2globe and retweet: #thanks2yugatech”

What’s at stake: a Modu phone, 10 Globe Tattoo and 20 Php500 prepaid call cards randomly. That’s 31 winners in all for the Twitter giveaway.

You can also win by blogging about the contest and/or answering the question: If you’re stuck in an island with a phone and only have one call left, who would you call and why?

Friday, December 4, 2009


Just tried out Gloo, one of the most recent offers from Globe Broadband. It’s a revolutionary collaboration site where you, your family and friends can interact through ‘virtual spaces’ in real time.

Creating an account is totally free - all you’ll need is a valid email address. You can sign up and create your online “scrapbook” space regardless of your ISP.

Once you sign up, you can then start working on your own space. This space is like a virtual scrapbook where you can post notes, doodle, create a to-do list, and post pictures and videos directly from your Facebook account, and the web.

What’s good about Gloo is that other users can view, play, or change your space elements in real time. It’s like having a virtual sketchpad where family and friends can interact and bond with each other even when they’re miles apart.

My Experience

I had a good time collaborating pictures and videos of my daughter. The doodling is added fun for people who love drawing and painting. I’ve already invited my techie brother and my younger sisters to my Gloo space. Pretty soon, I’m sure we’ll be using my “space” as a family message board and as a “brown” board for their Algebra lessons.

The Great Bonus
Ah, and I almost forgot, the space allows you to send 30 SMS to your contacts everyday – for FREE. However, you can only send three text messages to a friend and if he/she replies (at the cost of PhP2.50), you can then continue to send more messages via your Gloo space. You can also send the pictures on your post through MMS (PhP 5 per MMS sent)

For more information, you can inquire about Gloo at the Globe Broadband website.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the internet. I used to spend eight hours on the site just watching videos and placing comments. The problem with the site is the fact that you can’t download the videos to your computer... well, that was what I thought before (about two years before).

I discovered the very reliable Download Helper. Using this add-on from mozilla, you can download videos from YouTube instantly. However, you won’t be able to play the videos in your computer unless you have an FLV player. The video format doesn’t work with the Media Player.

Now, I found out that there is another video downloader program – the YouTube Downloader - which you can use to download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others. Not only can it download videos, you can also use it to convert the videos to other formats. You can convert the videos for Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Window’s Media Player, XVid and MP3 use.

The software has a very simple interface which makes it easy and convenient to use. You just have to copy the video’s YouTube URL, paste in on the dialog box and click “OK”. After downloading the video, you can start converting the videos with juts one left click. It’s perfect for everyday internet surfers who love videos.

Requirements: Operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP
File Size: 2.95 MB


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Here’s good news for individuals who have just bought a new pc. If you’re looking for a dependable antivirus and antispyware protection for Windows, get the AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition.

This free edition is only available for home and non-commercial use. If you have a work at home job and you frequently surf the net, this freeware is perfect for you too. It is easy to install and very user-friendly (and more than eighty million users can attest its efficiency).

Here are some of its finest features:
a. It’s set to search for new virus definitions on a daily basis so your computer will have a high level of detection capability.
b. It creates a rescue disk so your computer can be scanned in the MS-DOS mode (This means that it will not slow down your system even while its scanning in the background).
c. An interface that’s very easy to navigate
d. Unlimited, Continuous, and Automatic Free Virus Database Updates
e. Free AVG Virus Vault so virus-infected files can’t harm your computer
f. Its compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP

Overall, AVG FREE Edition ensures that you’ll get real-time protection from malwares, spywares and other computer infections. It even scans links so you can safely surf the web anytime.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Earn Money Online: Blogging as an Online Business

One of the many ways to earn online is to create and maintain a blog, and then attract a lot of visitors to your site.

To do this, you have to love the internet and you must enjoy publishing your thoughts online, about any topic (but you have to choose a specific niche. For example, dog training, software development, free online games, etc.). You also need to learn some techniques on search engine optimization but we’ll discuss that some other time.

For now, let’s just focus on the many ways you can turn your blog into your online business. Below is a list of blog monetization methods perfect for individuals who want to work at home.

Promote Affiliate Products

You can be an affiliate marketer. Look for an affiliate network or advertisers. Some of the most popular sites that you can join are Clickbank, Commission Junction, and Shareasale.

Basically, all you have to do is to promote the products of the advertiser in your blog, attract as many customers as you can, and then direct the traffic to the advertiser’s page where they can purchase the products. Your earnings will be on commission basis.

Use Google Adsense

This is probably the simplest way to earn through your blog. But I have to warn you, you’ll not earn much if you’ll just rely on Adsense.

When you use Google Adsense, you agree to put Google ads on your blog in exchange for pay-per-click earnings. What’s good about this option however, is the fact that you can customize the ads so that it simply blends in with rest of your web content.

Get Paid to Post or Review

If your blog is quite popular, then this can be your fulltime work at home job. You can allow sponsor posting. This means that you’ll write posts in your blog (like product reviews, news reports, and advertorials), and ‘advertisers’ will pay you for the write-ups.

There are many paid-to-blog sites that you can find online. Some of these are payperpost, buyblogreviews, bloggerwave, and more. Next time, I’ll post a list of paid-to-blog sites that you can try.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Practical Tips to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

The World Wide Web is one heck of a virtual commercial space which abounds with many opportunities to make some money.

Right now, paid surveys is one of the easiest – not to mention, fastest ways – to earn money online. This is perfect for students, stay-at-home moms, housewives, and other people who are searching for a simple and almost effortless way to make money through the internet.

If you want to try this work-at-home ‘job” yourself, the first thing that you should do is to determine how you can avoid paid survey scams.

How to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

Easier said that done? You bet! There are many scammers who are waiting to prey on novice netizens. The bad news is that you cannot rely on anybody for protection. So, you have to protect yourself.

Before you exert any effort with any website which promises to pay you for every filled-out survey form, you should ask yourself: “Can I really trust this site?”

To answer this question, you should do your research. Spend quality time surfing the net for the most reliable list of paid survey sites.

Once you find a good list, take time to check each of the recommended sites. Visit the website and browse the internet for complaints and scam accusations. Learn how to differentiate between reliable reviews and promotional articles. Do not believe every testimonial that you see, even those which offer documents which back up their outrageous claims.

Considering the fact that many scammers pay affiliate marketers to say positive things about their web sites, the best way to avoid paid survey scams is to really conduct your own background investigation. Here’s a step-by-step approach you should follow in investigating a potential scammer:

a. Conduct a “whois” lookup. Using whois, you can determine if the review site and the paid survey site belong to the same owner. This also reveals if the sites were registered through proxy sites.

b. Check with the Better Business Bureau for reviews, lists, and complaints against the recommended survey sites and their owners.

c. Browse scam forums like and

For security purposes, you should also consider creating a new email account that you’ll only use for receiving and sending the paid surveys. This way, you can prevent identity fraud.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Convert Your Files to PDF / REVIEW: FREE PDF CONVERTER - PrimoPDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format for document exchange created in 1993. Since 2008, it has been released as an open standard which can be used for presenting 2D documents in a manner that’s independent of the user’s software, hardware, and operating system.

Right now, PDF is the file format used in contracts, business documents, e-books, reports, and other files. When you do business online, it is often necessary to create and convert files in PDF format. That’s why you will need a reliable software application which can covert any kind of document to PDF.

In my case, I have found PrimoPDF to be very useful. PrimoPDF is currently one of the most popular software applications used for creating industry-standard PDF files. It’s totally free and you won’t have to deal with annoying ads every time you use it.

PrimoPDF is very easy to use. It can be used in any kind of application for as long as the program offers a “Print” option. Technically, this PDF converter acts like a virtual printer applicable for almost any kind of printable document – word, excel, powerpoint, jpeg, and more.

The conversion process is also quick and easy. What’s more is that you can readily modify your desired PDF output – you can optimize its features for print, screen, e-book, or prepress.

This PDF converter software also includes a security feature which allows a user to wrap the file with 40-bit/128-bit encryption. The user can also restrict file editing, collaborate or merge files, leave comments or make other changes in the converted document.

DETAILS: You will need Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, or Windows 98. Total download size is 7.49 MB


Sunday, August 30, 2009

What You Must Know About Online Teaching Jobs

As many students turn to computers and the internet for their education, online teaching has fast evolved into a top work-at-home online job for many qualified individuals. If you want to take your chance at this opportunity, here’s a quick list of what you need to know about online teaching and tutoring:

What is online teaching?
It is the act of providing virtual education. As such, the teacher and the student go about the education process through the use of internet and other multimedia learning materials and strategies.

What are the qualifications for an online teaching job?
An online teaching job requires expertise in education. You must be a graduate or a post graduate in education, or you must have specialization in academic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, and others. Some employers also require teaching experience.

Can I get an online teaching job?
You should have a pc with a broadband internet connection, plus a reliable headset and microphone. You should also be proficient in MS Office applications, instant messaging, and VOIP Telephony. Other than that, you must be able to set a definite work schedule, preferably at least three hours daily. These schedules are often set according to US or UK local time. Familiarity with your prospective student’s language and culture is also a prime advantage.

What are the benefits of online teaching jobs?
The major advantage is that you can work at home. You can work on part-time, full-time and on-call basis. The pay is also very good and you can also learn innovative teaching strategies.

Where can I get an online teaching job?
You can work with distance education institutions, and tutorial service sites like TutorVista, CourseBridge, Idapted, and more. You can also look for direct employers at freelance job sites like GetaFreelancer, Odesk, Elance, and others.

NEWS FLASH: Learn E-commerce at the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit!

DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit

If you are planning to venture into e-commerce, you can learn e-commerce best practices at the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit which will be held this November 12 and 13, 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

The event is the 1st ever e-commerce conference organized by the distinguished Club and sponsored by DataOne.

DigitalFilipino Club is a community of e-commerce entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts founded by Janette Toral. For almost six years now, the community continues to promote e-commerce through information dissemination, interactive programs, and various activities fostered by its knowledge sharing culture. Among its most successful endeavors is the E-Commerce and Search Engine Marketing Webinar Series.

In accordance with its business promotion focus, the Club is launching the summit - an intensive 2-day educational seminar where you can learn about the following:

• Internet and mobile commerce market growth
• Payment programs and platforms catering from mainstream to unbanked market segments
• Executing e-commerce marketing campaigns
• Self-service advertising platforms
• Usability experience: what makes an online visitor purchase?
• Improving e-commerce website performance
• Tracking website analytics and e-commerce sales
• Internet and mobile banking growth
• E-Commerce policies to promote e-commerce growth
• E-Government transactions growth
• E-commerce protection against fraud
• E-Commerce as a viable retail market outlet for SMEs
• New technologies to make e-commerce easier
• PLUS! The summit will be the venue for recognition of the top Philippine E-Commerce sites

The club has invited guest speakers such as CEOs of various SMEs, Corporate Club Members, and two-time DigitalFilipino Web Awards winners who will share the industry's best practices. Club members will receive a free pass for the conference.

You can be a sponsor of the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit!

Work at home opportunity: Will You Really Earn Money With MyLot?

MyLot has been around for years and even now, it still receives much attention not only from MyLot Members, but also from people who are wondering – “will they really earn money from MyLot?”

Before tackling this question, let’s clear things out: MyLot is not just a virtual venue to earn money. It is not a paid-to-review site. To a certain extent, it’s actually a social networking website.

However, if you compare it to Friendster, Facebook, or MySpace, we all know that it doesn’t stand a chance as a virtual community – not one bit. Without a doubt, MyLot lacks the special networking features that most leading virtual social communities can offer. So, in order to attract virtual community members, MyLot uses a very attractive incentive - money.

Now, let’s assess MyLot’s status as a Paid-to-Post community. Among the many paid-to-post communities out there, this one seems to be a top contender. In this network, you can earn by posting discussions, responding to discussions and referring your friends and family. The site appears to be much like a blog-forum and people can initiate and respond to discussions without much limit to the language to be used.

Overall, this lack of restrictions plus the monetary incentives and the chance to interact with other people can make MyLot posting an addiction. So, the process of earning is relatively easy.

In all fairness, MyLot is not a fly-by-night company which suddenly goes offline after thousands of users participated in it. According to many of its users, MyLot pays. So, MyLot is not a scam.

Yet, this paid-to-post site has its downsides.

Foremost of which is the fact that it pays you very little for your every post. There is really no fixed rate at MyLot so you can earn anywhere from $0.01 to $0.03 for each post you make, depending on its quality.

In reality, MyLot is just a place to earn extra money – a ‘little’ extra money. It is not a very reliable income source, especially if you want to make at least $200 a month. It is, however, perfect for those who are fond of participating in online communities.

If you are one of those who actively participates in YahooAnswers and other Q&A sites and forums – and if you are fond of virtual socialization, then MyLot is perfect for you. With this site, you can do what you love and earn money at the same time. Just be sure that you have a Paypal account.

Six Ways to Maximize your profits from MyLot

  • Start discussions. Be more creative and don’t just respond to other threads.
  • Always put tags. Tags are important in classifying MyLot discussions. These are vital for helping other MyLot users find your post.
  • If you post messages, make it long – but not senseless long. Make sure that each message is at least three lines long. Be detailed, descriptive, specific, and elaborate.
  • Post quality comments and discussions. Always make it a point to start interesting discussions which will generate relevant comments. Pick topics that matter to a lot of people not just personal endeavors which will leave other MyLot users wondering what you were talking about.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and wrong sentence constructions. Make sure your posts are easy to understand.
  • Refer your family and friends – and pick those who will surely become active MyLot members. Keep in mind that for every person you refer, you will receive a bonus equal to 25% of their discussion and image earnings.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I was looking for a temporary job for my brother who has just graduated from college – but is having a hard time finding a job since he hasn’t taken his licensure board exam yet.
I decided that he can try a work-at-home data entry job first.
However, I knew that he had to work on his typing skills.
You see, if you want a job in data entry, transcription, or web content writing, you should have advanced typing skills – which is just what my brother lacks.
Worse, most employers would require a typing rate of 50 to 70 wpm (plus proficiency in grammar dynamics and sentence construction), while my brother’s wpm rates at 35-40 only.
So, I knew that I had to look for a free typing software program he could use.
One of the top results from Google and Yahoo is the TypingMaster Typing Test. Here’s a rundown of what it offers:

• It’s major advantage – IT’S TOTALLY FREE
• It has multi-user support
• It has versatile features that you can customize
• Typing master contains many default test texts you can practice with. You can take these tests again and again until you’ve finally perfected your typing skills. If you get tired of the default texts, you can also add your own text and create your own tests.
• You don’t just type and type all throughout the day to improve your skills. To prevent boredom from ruining your learning experience, you can play games as well. This typing software features four typing games - clouds, bubbles, wordtris, and abc.
• TypingMaster helps you track your development. It can help you determine your typing accuracy and wpm rate. Each time you take a typing test, it displays your performance level i.e. time, net and gross speed, and accuracy. If you want to assess your overall progress, this software will also generate your personal test results history.
• The best thing about this typing software is that it offers printable typing certificates. Most employers will find this certificate of great value to your qualifications.

DETAILS: You need Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, or Windows 98. The total file size is 1.64 MB.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Which Home Based Job Is For You? (A Look at Four of Today’s Most Popular Work-at-Home Opportunities)

1. You can be a Web Content Writer. That is if you have great English writing skills and intermediate typing speed. The usual requirement is to submit at least five to ten articles in a week (assuming that you’re required to write 520-word articles, that’s about 4,500 words or more).

Most web content writers are hired to write product reviews and website reviews. Some home-based writers are tasked to write articles for SEO (search engine optimization) or affiliate marketing purposes. Many are also hired to maintain blogs and post in forums. Most employers would require their writers to have college degrees and basic link building skills for SEM purposes (Search Engine Marketing).

2. You can be a Graphic Designer for the Web. If you want this job, you should be capable of creating and developing web design templates and web page elements like logos, banners, and the likes.

You should also have extensive knowledge in graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and others. In addition to that, being proficient with web development software programs like Adobe’s Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage is a plus. Some employers will also require expertise in CSS programming and other programming languages.

3. You can get a Data Entry Job. Most of the time, your responsibilities would be to transcribe the content of voice messages and other audio files. So you will need excellent computer and typing skills. You must have the ability to understand English language (or other language, whichever applies to your job) recordings and then type them out.

In general, employers will hire high school graduates for this work at home job, as long as they meet the qualifications for accuracy and keyboarding speed. In most cases, they will also check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills.

4. You can be a Virtual Personal Assistant. In this line of home based career, the most essential requirements are extensive knowledge on internet use plus excellent communication skills. The job specifications will usually vary from one employer to another.

In general, a virtual personal assistant keeps track of the employer’s schedule, arranges meetings, makes travel plans, checks and answers mails and other messaging systems, answers phone calls, does online research, and performs other responsibilities given by the employer. This work-at-home job may also involve some data entry and secretarial work.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top 10 Signs that You Can Work From Home

1. You have a computer with very good specifications – a processor of 1.40 GHz and a memory (RAM) of at least 512 megabytes. To check your computer's specifications, click START >> CONTROL PANEL >> SYSTEM. You should be able to use your computer at least eight hours a day.

2. Although not all work at home jobs will require this, it will be best if you have a headset and a webcam. Many employers want to engage in online voice or video conferences.

3. You have a reliable and fast internet connection. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a DSL or a broadband connection. What counts is that you have an internet speed of at least 384 kbps. However, some freelance jobs (like web designing) may require faster internet speeds.

4. You know how to use instant messaging programs like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, or Skype.

5. You know how to use web mail systems like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail.

6. You have a workstation at home that’s fit for a real job. Like regular office jobs, your workstation must present a healthy working environment that’s well ventilated and free from ambient noise.

7. You don’t have too much tasks on your everyday to-do list and you really have the time to work – seriously. Keep in mind that most work at home jobs will require you to do actual work for forty hours every week. The work schedule is often flexible but employers will make sure that the job you do fits the amount they pay you. Some may even ask you to install spywares.

8. Working in front of the computer for eight hours - everyday - does not bother you. In fact, that’s your way of life.

9. You have the means to get paid – even by overseas employers. You have a PayPal account or an active bank account where your salary can be wire-transferred.

10. You can really manage a work at home job. You are organized and you have excellent time management skills. You are responsible and you don’t need strict supervision.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Can I Find Work-at-home Jobs and Freelance Jobs Online?

Thanks to Leonard Kleinrock who first presented his ideas on packet switching, we now have the internet. This technological development gave way to a host of life changing opportunities to people around the globe. Now, not only can many people talk instantaneously even when they are miles apart. The World Wide Web also made outsourcing possible and people can now work at home.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, there are millions of work-at-home jobs available these days (I work at home, full time as well). Although traditional employees may think less of a home based work opportunity as compared to those which are office based, the truth is that most of the time, the only difference is the workplace. Many work-at-home jobs come with definite work schedules, regular payments, and employment contracts. Moreover, some home-based employees even earn more than what most office workers get.
If you want to try working at home full time or part time, you can check this link list of freelance and work-at-home job sites for work opportunities that fit your skills:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

FREE SOFTWARE REVIEW: Byki Express Japanese Language Software

I have a cousin that lives in Japan now and I am very much interested in learning Japanese. That is why I was on the hunt for Free Foreign Language Learning Software this morning. Fortunately, the search was not that hard. There are dozens of free programs that teach the Japanese language. One of those which I downloaded is the FREE Byki Express Desktop Software.

Basically, Byki is not merely focused on teaching the Japanese language. Rather, it is a language learning system that you can use to learn sixty-four different languages (Afrikaans, Albanian, Altai, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bashkir, Belorussian, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Buriat, Chechen, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dari, Dutch, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, Georgian, German, Greek, Haitian, Hausa, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Macedonian, Malay, Mirandese, Mongolian, Norwegian, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Scottish, Serbian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Tajiki, Thai, Turkish, Turkmen, Ukrainian, Urdu, Uzbek, Vietnamese, and Zulu).

After downloading the software, you can now download a list of flashcards containing words written in Japanese matched with their English translations. Lists vary in the number of flash cards that they contain. Some only contain six while others are composed of fifty. You are free to choose which lists you will download and you can preview the list on their site (Byki List Central). The lists are made by Transparent Language (the product distributor) and other Byki users. You can download lists in multiple languages, and you can also download all the languages if you want to.

An important feature of this language learning software is the fact that you can review and study your downloaded lists anytime you want. You can do this even when you’re offline. The flashcards come with a “native speaker sound” functioning so you’ll know how the words are properly pronounced. If you can’t understand it, you can also slow down the sound and adjust the sound volume. You can also choose between text only cards and video with text cards.

With Byki’s language learning system, you can also track your progress through its Step 2: Recognition Test. You will be asked to identify the English translations of the words and then record it through the program’s Self Reporting Recognition Mode or Written Recognition Mode. Basically, this process is like an on-the-spot test and you will be able to check your total learned items presented in a pie graph. Another test, Step 3, will help you perfect your skills. If you are done with your downloaded set, you can delete it and then access more lists for more words to learn. I guess this program is perfect for people who want to study a second language at their own pace and schedule.

DETAILS: Your computer should have Windows Vista, Windows XP SP 2, Windows XP, or Mac. The total file size (excluding the lists) is 21.23MB.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Serif WebPlus SE is the perfect web development software for those who are not blessed with programming skills, but who are very eager to create their own web sites. During my university years, I have used this software for simple web development projects, and I truly found it to be very useful, not to mention very handy for someone who hasn't learned a thing about HTML yet.

To start with, let me tell you that WebPlus SE is not as competitive as MS Front Page and Macromedia Dreamweaver, especially in terms of features and functions. The application also has a slightly old-fashioned work window that is akin to Adobe Photoshop’s. But, the good thing is that its list of bad points ends here.

What’s great about WebPlus SE is that it’s totally FREE. It is also very user friendly and – taking into consideration that you can get it without paying anything, this software is considerably very functional. This web development program is packed with professionally designed web page templates matched with a Layout Checker for customization purposes. It also has graphic modules and text processing tools which are neatly presented in a familiar desktop publishing application style.

With WebPlus SE, you can create attractive headlines with artistic effects, great logos, hyperlinks, marquees, and animations through the use of onscreen tools, filter effects features, and an instant 3D functionality. You can also directly import images in various formats and easily place them anywhere in your web pages. Basically, the drag and drop function simplifies the whole design and layout process.

The free web development application also has a host of devices for managing palettes, color schemes, page navigation, forms, anchors, RSS feeds, and more. From your desktop, WebPlus also allows its users to directly publish their sites on the web using its Web Export Manager.

DETAILS: To use Serif WebPlus SE, you need Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, or Windows Vista OS. The installation package has a file size of 110.48MB.


A Change In Focus

If you haven't noticed, this blog started as a page for publishing anything which I have written... Well, since I want to make the most of this endeavor and I want to get high page rankings (yup, for the sake of credibility, information awareness, and profitability..sssshhh), I think I should start focusing on a particular niche. So, taking into consideration my special interest in exploring computer applications and the world wide web, I have decided to divert all my attention to information technology and start reviewing IT-related businesses and jobs, as well as some free software programs... :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Willie Revillame and his astounding form of "Respect" for Cory Aquino

Last Monday, the Wowowee TV show host Willie Revillame made one of the most astounding remarks of "respect" towards the late former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino - He angrily told his crew not to insert a video of the cortege in his show's segment "Willie of Fortune".
“’Di po maganda. Nagsasaya kami dito habang nagluluksa ang sambayanang Pilipino. ’Di ko magagampanan ang pagpapatawa habang ipinapakita ang libing ng dating presidente,” Revillame said as his show was in broadcast along with the special coverage of the funeral procession following the transfer of Aquino’s remains from La Salle Green Hills to the Manila Cathedral. The day after, he came up with an apology and claimed that what he did was a sign of deep respect for Cory. Deep respect, he says. Well, that's a really awkward and inconsiderate form of respect for someone that's considered to be the Saint of the People Power revolution.
Like Cory, Willie is indeed a very popular persona for the Filipino masses. Through his show, the public has gained "respect" for him. Because of his amazing story from rags to riches, many of the Filipino poor see him as their role model. With the recent event however, I'm afraid it only shows that he does not deserve the great amount of attention and reverence that the public has granted him.
Values such as respect and nationalism should be preserved in the Philippines. Clearly, it seems that Willie Revillame has lost his. Filipinos are taught to respect their parents, elders, teachers, and the country's leaders - especially those who have stood for democracy. However, with prominent media icons displaying a different form of "respect", there is great danger of losing these values which have long been cherished and taught by our ancestors.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gender Themes: Comparing Themes in "The Joys of Motherhood" and "Purple Hibiscus"

Literary works have been regarded as fictional historical narratives. These works of art reflect not only the thoughts and feelings of the authors. They also show prevalent sociological subjects through their thematic contents.

Among the most talked about social topics which have been adapted by literary works is gender. Many novels, poems, and short stories relate a story of men and women who possess stereotypical characteristics and roles. Some representations even present arguments on how gender roles are adapted and developed. Others show different premises regarding gender development. Two novels – “The Joys of Motherhood” by Buchi Emecheta and “Purple Hibiscus” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – serve the said function.

The novels deliver the stories of families struggling with the social and physical implications of their gender roles. They showed stories of individuals – fathers, wives, sons, and daughters – who were forced to deal between cultural conflicts. In the said stories, gender roles are molded primarily on the basis of a known tradition and as such, despite exposure to different and contemporary cultures, individuals would find it difficult to restructure the roles to which they are accustomed to.

In this paper, the researcher will try to examine how the changes in gender roles are incorporated in the themes of the two novels. To accomplish this, the researcher will explore the gender roles assumed by the novel’s characters through their communal tradition which were passed on to their cultural groups from generation to generation.

The researcher will also present comparisons between the old gender roles and the adopted new ones. In addition to that, the conflicts and struggles faced by the characters in relation to gender role development will be described as well. Through the comparisons and explorations, the relations between the presented gender roles in the themes of the two literary works will be identified.


Traditional practices can require women – particularly mothers – to be martyrs

Women are often regarded as the center of traditional representations. They are often shown as submissive and weak individuals who, because of the societal expectations set upon them, are unable to resist the communal pressures. Women, as shown in literary works, are the most common victims of discriminating traditional practices. They are often faced with the need to endure the roles set against them no matter how oppressive and cruel those roles may seem.

In the case of the two novels, both featured the stories of martyr women – particularly wives – who succumbed to traditional practices and beliefs. In “The Joys of Motherhood”, the central motherly figure and the major character in the story was Nnu Ego. Coming from a rural background, she was the perfect picture of a woman who is totally enveloped by traditional views. She was brought up thinking that she had no duties to herself and to her society. In addition to that, she grew up thinking that her functions were only limited to the domestic roles of child bearing and rearing. To a great degree, it was as her obligations to her family were comparable to enslavement and discrimination.

Moreover, Nnu Ego was taught that as a woman, she had to give herself selflessly to her family. She thought that in order to achieve happiness, respect, and love, she had to be selfless and self-sacrificing. That was why she cannot – no matter how she tried – find happiness outside the realms of her home.

As for the second novel – “Purple Hibiscus”, Beatrice Achike, (Kambili’s mother) played the same frustrating and distressed role as that of Nnu Ego. As a woman who belonged to the Catholic religion that somehow highlights patriarchy, Beatrice presented a maternal figure that was warm and endearing. However, the “softness” in her character is equated to a gender-related weakness as she became a willing victim to her husband’s emotional, psychological, and physical abuses. Just like any “good” wife and mother, she wanted to preserve the solidarity of her family and that was why she chose to endure the sufferings Eugene imposed on her.

Tradition can prompt men to be domineering among women, especially to their wives

In the novels, women were the victims of tragically devastating traditions while their husbands served as the perpetrators of the domestic violence or emotional abuse. Both of the literary works moved around the thematic idea that tradition requires men to be treated as superior to women – or to a greater degree, that women should honor, respect, and serve their husbands to the extent that they are sometimes being treated as the second class gender.

In the first novel, “The Joys of Motherhood”, the authority which dominated the life of Nnu Ego was her husband – Nnaife. Although Nnu Ego was not subjected to physical abuses, she was nonetheless “abused” psychologically and emotionally through the tradition-imposed rights of her husband. First of which was the fact that despite all her efforts to fulfill her role as a wife and apart from the fact that she wanted Nnaife’s whole attention, he took in other women – Adako and Okpo.

The first of these women was Adako, which Nnaife did not willingly select but rather, just inherited from her brother. Nnaife’s “acquisition” of Adako demonstrates clearly that women are merely treated much like any other possession. Wives can be inherited and polygamy is totally considered as a normal practice among men. Such kind of “inheritance” clearly demonstrates that the feelings and thoughts of a wife (in particular, that of Nnu Ego) can be totally disregarded so as to fulfill the principles of tradition. Furthermore, Nnaife demonstrates his extensive privileges associated with manhood through the fact that he “invoked” his rights as a husband and decided to impregnate all of his three wives.

In “Purple Hibiscus”, Eugene fervently believed that as the breadwinner and the head of a Catholic family, he can play the role of a tyrant within his own home. As a wealthy businessman who had strong importance in the society, he granted himself with extreme authority. Using the Catholic religion as justification, he imposed a tragically unconstructive “regime” in the family. Eugene even imposed a schedule for his children.

Moreover, although he exhibited generosity to the society through charity donations, Eugene almost always succumbed to violent outbreaks wherein he subjected his family to severe physical beatings.

Individuals will find it difficult to overcome their traditional gender roles

The two novels revealed that individuals will find it hard to overcome their acquired or “inherited” traditional gender roles.

In the case of Nnu Ego and Nnaife, they were not able to fully adopt the new culture to which they were exposed to through colonialism. Nnu Ego, still didn’t realize any form of fulfillment and self worth as a mother despite the fact that she functioned as the breadwinner of her family during the time when her husband was not able to provide for them. This can be attributed to the fact that she only found the “joys of motherhood” within the confines of her home.

As for Nnaife, he wasn’t able to overcome the fact that the new liberal culture allows women – particularly daughters – to choose the men whom they would want to marry. That was why he decided to kill his daughter’s father in law. Such led him to be imprisoned.

In the second novel, Beatrice herself could not surmount the traditional and stereotypical role that she was accustomed to. This was the reason why she did not attempt to leave her husband despite the sufferings that she had to endure. In the end, the only way that she deemed fitting was still not to leave her family, but instead, to ultimately kill her husband. However, the loss of her husband was something that she couldn’t endure as well. Thus, this resulted to her madness.


Both novels revealed traditional gender roles. In the case of women, they were required to be inferior to men – often acting as the martyrs, and the second class gender. In contrast, traditional gender roles, as depicted in the novels, required men to be domineering among women. To some extent, such even prompted them to treat women as mere material possessions.

The novels also showed that despite the sufferings and the exposure to a much more favorable contemporary gender role, most individuals could not overcome their traditional roles.

The Basics of Emergency Nursing

Nurses play a very important role in our healthcare system. From the very basic definition of nurses as healthcare providers, the field of nursing has largely expanded into a network of serving with various levels of education and expertise, and a wide range of specializations- one of which is emergency nursing.

What is an emergency room nurse?

Basically, an emergency room nurse is a health service provider who is expected to provide emergency care to patients. They are expected to work in the emergency ward of healthcare institutions, and/or in the field where the health or life of patients are at risk.

Normally, the roles of a professional emergency nurse include the implementation of first aid measures, the preparation for or the actual inspection of the patient’s condition, the notation of the patient’s vital signs such as the pulse-rate, blood pressure, body temperature prior to the actual subjection to required emergency room procedures.

After the preliminary procedures, the emergency nurse assists the attending physician in checking and monitoring the patient. He or she also helps the physician in delivering the required treatment for the patient. Below shows the basic roles of an emergency nurse:

a. Emergency nurses provide patient care. They may do so in emergency departments of hospitals, in urgent care centers, sports institutions, industrial firms, and in outdoor designations such as ships, airplanes, helicopters, accident sites, and in other places where injury prevention and health risk control are considered as top priorities.

b. Emergency nurses serve as educators as well since they are often engaged in health care awareness programs such as wellness promotion, injury prevention, violence preservation, and vehicle, drug, and/or equipment safety lectures.

c. Emergency nurses also work as researchers and/or leaders in their field.

What does it take to be a full pledged emergency nurse?

To be able to fulfill the goal of practicing emergency nursing, one needs to be a registered nurse first. This means that the nurse needs to have a diploma or a degree in nursing, and then after, acquire the particular nursing specialty.

Basically, the certification for emergency nursing grants the nurse with personal growth and more advanced career opportunities. In the case of the health care institutions, the certification allows them to ensure high standards of quality assurance since they can note down nurses who have acquired a defined body of nursing knowledge pertinent to emergency care as a particular specialty. Generally, the qualifying exam for emergency nursing certification is patterned after the career practice in the U.S.

After passing the CEN however, emergency nurses are often required to take role delineation studies, and/or regular refresher seminars every five years so as to assure that they are updated and informed of the latest issues and procedures in healthcare services.

Who helps emergency nurses?

Among the prominent institutions which support and promote emergency nursing are: the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) which provides researches, publications, and courses and seminars on professional development and injury prevention for emergencvy nurses; the Board of Certification for Emergency Nurses (BCEN); the Emergency Nurses CARE (EN CARE) which is an organization that provides voluntary service to fifty states; and the Emergency Nurse Association Foundation (ENAF) which provides support for emergency nursing advancement though scholarships and research grants.


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Music in Shakespeare's "The Twelfth Night"

In general, music was made in the very same way that literary works are created- through the imaginative and inventive minds and hearts of highly creative beings. They are also mostly made for the same definitive purpose- to be a medium created to impart a particular image or idea open for various interpretations of the audiences. As such, an effort that demands a combination of both music and literary artistry should be considered as a uniquely challenging piece worthy of recognition and analysis. A perfect example of this is Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night.

To carefully examine the effect of musical incorporation in literary works, this paper aims to explore: “The use of music- particularly songs- in order to enhance the thematic focus of the play, the Twelfth Night.” For this purpose, we will identify the theme supported by the songs as: Happiness is a grand opportunity that comes rarely and therefore, should be seized readily. Moreover, throughout the play, happiness is more or less equated to the state of being in love and being loved in return.

As observed in the said play, there are several points in the play where the music proved to be one of the most prevalent themes and forms of medium upon which the theme was delivered. Basically, the songs enhanced the thematic emphasis of the piece because: it magnified the feelings portrayed in the play; the songs introduced supporting ideas that emphasized the theme; and allows the audience to realize some points to ponder that are related to the theme.

It can be pointed out that music was incorporated in the drama to magnify the feelings portrayed in the play. Generally, as in any play, movie, or visual presentation, an audio piece needs to accompany such in order to enhance the effect that the otherwise plain presentation might garner from its audience. In the play, it can be noted that music accompanied certain scenes where feelings of doubt, pain, happiness, or blissful love need to be emphasized. Particular examples include Toby’s There dwelt a man in Babylon and O, the twelfth day of December to emphasize his state of foolishness and comedic tendencies; and the jester’s Adieu, Good Man Devil to emphasize the pitiful state of Malvolio.

Also, music was used to elaborate the theme of the whole plot by inserting more supporting ideas about the focus of the play. This was done through the incorporation of songs by the jester such as that in Act two-scene three, where Toby and Andrew requested him to sing out of amusement. Apparently, the songs imparted stories of a different plot but were of course in line with the main theme of the whole play. Such songs were the carpe diem melody about grabbing the opportunity of being loved and being happiness, and that other song which relayed the story of a man who committed suicide after he had failed to fulfill his happy ending.

Last but not the least, it is important to note that music also gives way to some points about the theme that the audiences need to ponder on, therefore making the piece more substantial. For example, the animated character of the jester almost always stimulates a rather dull scene through the songs that he imparts, but in one way or another, repeatedly introduces the theme of love as a superlative form of happiness. This can be shown in Act II Scene 3: OLIVIA'S house where the song O mistress mine, where are you roaming? and in Act II Scene 4 when Come away, death was delivered by the jester so as to emphasize that happiness, in the form of love, should be seized instantaneously, and that a love lost can be much equated to death.

Birmingham, The City Of A Thousand Trades

The city dubbed as the “workshop of the world” and “the city of a thousand trades” – Birmingham – lies in the West Midlands region of England. After London, it is the second most populated country in Britain and it is quite popular for its relevance as a tourist spot and as a center of commercial activity in the United Kingdom.

Undeniably, one can say that if you know the rich history of this city, you definitely have a good view of how the whole of Britain developed into what it is now. So, for those interested in the inspiring cultural and historical growth of the United Kingdom as a dominating world power, then a look into the development of Birmingham is definitely a must.

Its early beginnings…

Birmingham had humble beginnings. It was first recorded as a small village that was worth no more than twenty shillings as written in the Domesday Book of 1086. Based on the narratives, the place which extended on to the banks of the River Rea was just a farming hamlet occupied by an Anglo Saxon community during the sixth century. Although there were many variations in the name of the town, the most popular of which was “Bremingham”. It got its name from the phrase "Breme inga ham", which means “home of the descendants of Breme.”

Birmingham was also known as “Bermingeham” and “Bromwicham”. These earlier names were used as a basis for naming other important factors in the growing society. “Brummagen”, a dialect and accent name was derived from the word “Bromwicham”. Now people simply refer to this native language as the “Brummie dialect” and the people from the city are referred to as “Brummies”.

The transformation of the simple town

The evolution of Birmingham as a farming community to a manufacturing site was gradual. Its expansion was quite slow but definitely steady as it ranked the third biggest town in the county of Warwickshire during the 1300’s. While other towns developed as a prime settlement, Birmingham catered to traders and manufacturers of fabric and metal products. At that time, the castle of Birmingham became an important power base not just for the constituents of the town but for those interested in trade in the western part of Britain.

During the fourteenth century, the population of the town reached a thousand and the thriving local industry now involved tanning. The trade links also expanded as alliances with East Anglia and Bristol were formed. Little did the civil war do in hampering the town’s growth. It became a trading and manufacturing town of high status and it started to export metal products to London and Europe. Over the years, its industrial importance increased. Now, it is one of the best places to start a business in the United Kingdom and it has become a national commercial center of Europe.

Obituary: Corazon Conjuangco Aquino

Former Philippine President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, age 76, known as the “Mother of Philippine Democracy” died at a Manila Hospital on July 31, 2009, after a very courageous yearlong battle with colon cancer.

The late President was born on Jan. 25, 1933 to one of the wealthiest families in the Philippines. Her family had great political power in Tarlac, a province which lies about 70 miles away from Manila.

She gained prominence in 1983, after her husband, the late democracy advocate Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino was gunned down at an international airport in Manila just moments after his plane arrived from his exile in the United States. Ninoy Aquino was regarded as the longtime political adversary of then president Ferdinand Marcos. Investigations and reports revealed that his escorts were the ones who assassinated him. The death of Ninoy infuriated the Filipino people and sparked the People Power revolution.

After the death of her husband, Corazon Aquino led the biggest funeral that the Philippines had ever seen. Reports showed that the crowd which joined the funeral procession reached almost two million.

Soon after the funeral, Corazon Aquino agreed to run against the dictatorial presidency of Marcos. She led an uprising in 1986 which was joined by the business community, the opposition, and later, the country’s armed forces as well. The revolt ended Martial Law and the 20-year regime of then-President Marcos. Joined by hundreds of thousands of Filipinos during a three-day protest, Corazon Aquino successfully drove Marcos out of power. On February 25 of the same year, she was sworn as the first female president of the Philippines.

Corazon Aquino became an inspiration for democracy across the globe. She stepped down in 1992 after serving for six years.

Current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared a 10-day mourning period for the late president. The funeral service and public viewing for President Aquino will be held Monday and Tuesday at the Manila Cathedral. There will also be a funeral march in Manila, Philippines on Wednesday.