Monday, August 10, 2009

Where Can I Find Work-at-home Jobs and Freelance Jobs Online?

Thanks to Leonard Kleinrock who first presented his ideas on packet switching, we now have the internet. This technological development gave way to a host of life changing opportunities to people around the globe. Now, not only can many people talk instantaneously even when they are miles apart. The World Wide Web also made outsourcing possible and people can now work at home.

Contrary to popular misconceptions, there are millions of work-at-home jobs available these days (I work at home, full time as well). Although traditional employees may think less of a home based work opportunity as compared to those which are office based, the truth is that most of the time, the only difference is the workplace. Many work-at-home jobs come with definite work schedules, regular payments, and employment contracts. Moreover, some home-based employees even earn more than what most office workers get.
If you want to try working at home full time or part time, you can check this link list of freelance and work-at-home job sites for work opportunities that fit your skills: