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Serif WebPlus SE is the perfect web development software for those who are not blessed with programming skills, but who are very eager to create their own web sites. During my university years, I have used this software for simple web development projects, and I truly found it to be very useful, not to mention very handy for someone who hasn't learned a thing about HTML yet.

To start with, let me tell you that WebPlus SE is not as competitive as MS Front Page and Macromedia Dreamweaver, especially in terms of features and functions. The application also has a slightly old-fashioned work window that is akin to Adobe Photoshop’s. But, the good thing is that its list of bad points ends here.

What’s great about WebPlus SE is that it’s totally FREE. It is also very user friendly and – taking into consideration that you can get it without paying anything, this software is considerably very functional. This web development program is packed with professionally designed web page templates matched with a Layout Checker for customization purposes. It also has graphic modules and text processing tools which are neatly presented in a familiar desktop publishing application style.

With WebPlus SE, you can create attractive headlines with artistic effects, great logos, hyperlinks, marquees, and animations through the use of onscreen tools, filter effects features, and an instant 3D functionality. You can also directly import images in various formats and easily place them anywhere in your web pages. Basically, the drag and drop function simplifies the whole design and layout process.

The free web development application also has a host of devices for managing palettes, color schemes, page navigation, forms, anchors, RSS feeds, and more. From your desktop, WebPlus also allows its users to directly publish their sites on the web using its Web Export Manager.

DETAILS: To use Serif WebPlus SE, you need Windows 95, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 98, or Windows Vista OS. The installation package has a file size of 110.48MB.


A Change In Focus

If you haven't noticed, this blog started as a page for publishing anything which I have written... Well, since I want to make the most of this endeavor and I want to get high page rankings (yup, for the sake of credibility, information awareness, and profitability..sssshhh), I think I should start focusing on a particular niche. So, taking into consideration my special interest in exploring computer applications and the world wide web, I have decided to divert all my attention to information technology and start reviewing IT-related businesses and jobs, as well as some free software programs... :)

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Willie Revillame and his astounding form of "Respect" for Cory Aquino

Last Monday, the Wowowee TV show host Willie Revillame made one of the most astounding remarks of "respect" towards the late former President Corazon "Cory" Aquino - He angrily told his crew not to insert a video of the cortege in his show's segment "Willie of Fortune".
“’Di po maganda. Nagsasaya kami dito habang nagluluksa ang sambayanang Pilipino. ’Di ko magagampanan ang pagpapatawa habang ipinapakita ang libing ng dating presidente,” Revillame said as his show was in broadcast along with the special coverage of the funeral procession following the transfer of Aquino’s remains from La Salle Green Hills to the Manila Cathedral. The day after, he came up with an apology and claimed that what he did was a sign of deep respect for Cory. Deep respect, he says. Well, that's a really awkward and inconsiderate form of respect for someone that's considered to be the Saint of the People Power revolution.
Like Cory, Willie is indeed a very popular persona for the Filipino masses. Through his show, the public has gained "respect" for him. Because of his amazing story from rags to riches, many of the Filipino poor see him as their role model. With the recent event however, I'm afraid it only shows that he does not deserve the great amount of attention and reverence that the public has granted him.
Values such as respect and nationalism should be preserved in the Philippines. Clearly, it seems that Willie Revillame has lost his. Filipinos are taught to respect their parents, elders, teachers, and the country's leaders - especially those who have stood for democracy. However, with prominent media icons displaying a different form of "respect", there is great danger of losing these values which have long been cherished and taught by our ancestors.

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Gender Themes: Comparing Themes in "The Joys of Motherhood" and "Purple Hibiscus"

Literary works have been regarded as fictional historical narratives. These works of art reflect not only the thoughts and feelings of the authors. They also show prevalent sociological subjects through their thematic contents.

Among the most talked about social topics which have been adapted by literary works is gender. Many novels, poems, and short stories relate a story of men and women who possess stereotypical characteristics and roles. Some representations even present arguments on how gender roles are adapted and developed. Others show different premises regarding gender development. Two novels – “The Joys of Motherhood” by Buchi Emecheta and “Purple Hibiscus” by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – serve the said function.

The novels deliver the stories of families struggling with the social and physical implications of their gender roles. They showed stories of individuals – fathers, wives, sons, and daughters – who were forced to deal between cultural conflicts. In the said stories, gender roles are molded primarily on the basis of a known tradition and as such, despite exposure to different and contemporary cultures, individuals would find it difficult to restructure the roles to which they are accustomed to.

In this paper, the researcher will try to examine how the changes in gender roles are incorporated in the themes of the two novels. To accomplish this, the researcher will explore the gender roles assumed by the novel’s characters through their communal tradition which were passed on to their cultural groups from generation to generation.

The researcher will also present comparisons between the old gender roles and the adopted new ones. In addition to that, the conflicts and struggles faced by the characters in relation to gender role development will be described as well. Through the comparisons and explorations, the relations between the presented gender roles in the themes of the two literary works will be identified.


Traditional practices can require women – particularly mothers – to be martyrs

Women are often regarded as the center of traditional representations. They are often shown as submissive and weak individuals who, because of the societal expectations set upon them, are unable to resist the communal pressures. Women, as shown in literary works, are the most common victims of discriminating traditional practices. They are often faced with the need to endure the roles set against them no matter how oppressive and cruel those roles may seem.

In the case of the two novels, both featured the stories of martyr women – particularly wives – who succumbed to traditional practices and beliefs. In “The Joys of Motherhood”, the central motherly figure and the major character in the story was Nnu Ego. Coming from a rural background, she was the perfect picture of a woman who is totally enveloped by traditional views. She was brought up thinking that she had no duties to herself and to her society. In addition to that, she grew up thinking that her functions were only limited to the domestic roles of child bearing and rearing. To a great degree, it was as her obligations to her family were comparable to enslavement and discrimination.

Moreover, Nnu Ego was taught that as a woman, she had to give herself selflessly to her family. She thought that in order to achieve happiness, respect, and love, she had to be selfless and self-sacrificing. That was why she cannot – no matter how she tried – find happiness outside the realms of her home.

As for the second novel – “Purple Hibiscus”, Beatrice Achike, (Kambili’s mother) played the same frustrating and distressed role as that of Nnu Ego. As a woman who belonged to the Catholic religion that somehow highlights patriarchy, Beatrice presented a maternal figure that was warm and endearing. However, the “softness” in her character is equated to a gender-related weakness as she became a willing victim to her husband’s emotional, psychological, and physical abuses. Just like any “good” wife and mother, she wanted to preserve the solidarity of her family and that was why she chose to endure the sufferings Eugene imposed on her.

Tradition can prompt men to be domineering among women, especially to their wives

In the novels, women were the victims of tragically devastating traditions while their husbands served as the perpetrators of the domestic violence or emotional abuse. Both of the literary works moved around the thematic idea that tradition requires men to be treated as superior to women – or to a greater degree, that women should honor, respect, and serve their husbands to the extent that they are sometimes being treated as the second class gender.

In the first novel, “The Joys of Motherhood”, the authority which dominated the life of Nnu Ego was her husband – Nnaife. Although Nnu Ego was not subjected to physical abuses, she was nonetheless “abused” psychologically and emotionally through the tradition-imposed rights of her husband. First of which was the fact that despite all her efforts to fulfill her role as a wife and apart from the fact that she wanted Nnaife’s whole attention, he took in other women – Adako and Okpo.

The first of these women was Adako, which Nnaife did not willingly select but rather, just inherited from her brother. Nnaife’s “acquisition” of Adako demonstrates clearly that women are merely treated much like any other possession. Wives can be inherited and polygamy is totally considered as a normal practice among men. Such kind of “inheritance” clearly demonstrates that the feelings and thoughts of a wife (in particular, that of Nnu Ego) can be totally disregarded so as to fulfill the principles of tradition. Furthermore, Nnaife demonstrates his extensive privileges associated with manhood through the fact that he “invoked” his rights as a husband and decided to impregnate all of his three wives.

In “Purple Hibiscus”, Eugene fervently believed that as the breadwinner and the head of a Catholic family, he can play the role of a tyrant within his own home. As a wealthy businessman who had strong importance in the society, he granted himself with extreme authority. Using the Catholic religion as justification, he imposed a tragically unconstructive “regime” in the family. Eugene even imposed a schedule for his children.

Moreover, although he exhibited generosity to the society through charity donations, Eugene almost always succumbed to violent outbreaks wherein he subjected his family to severe physical beatings.

Individuals will find it difficult to overcome their traditional gender roles

The two novels revealed that individuals will find it hard to overcome their acquired or “inherited” traditional gender roles.

In the case of Nnu Ego and Nnaife, they were not able to fully adopt the new culture to which they were exposed to through colonialism. Nnu Ego, still didn’t realize any form of fulfillment and self worth as a mother despite the fact that she functioned as the breadwinner of her family during the time when her husband was not able to provide for them. This can be attributed to the fact that she only found the “joys of motherhood” within the confines of her home.

As for Nnaife, he wasn’t able to overcome the fact that the new liberal culture allows women – particularly daughters – to choose the men whom they would want to marry. That was why he decided to kill his daughter’s father in law. Such led him to be imprisoned.

In the second novel, Beatrice herself could not surmount the traditional and stereotypical role that she was accustomed to. This was the reason why she did not attempt to leave her husband despite the sufferings that she had to endure. In the end, the only way that she deemed fitting was still not to leave her family, but instead, to ultimately kill her husband. However, the loss of her husband was something that she couldn’t endure as well. Thus, this resulted to her madness.


Both novels revealed traditional gender roles. In the case of women, they were required to be inferior to men – often acting as the martyrs, and the second class gender. In contrast, traditional gender roles, as depicted in the novels, required men to be domineering among women. To some extent, such even prompted them to treat women as mere material possessions.

The novels also showed that despite the sufferings and the exposure to a much more favorable contemporary gender role, most individuals could not overcome their traditional roles.

The Basics of Emergency Nursing

Nurses play a very important role in our healthcare system. From the very basic definition of nurses as healthcare providers, the field of nursing has largely expanded into a network of serving with various levels of education and expertise, and a wide range of specializations- one of which is emergency nursing.

What is an emergency room nurse?

Basically, an emergency room nurse is a health service provider who is expected to provide emergency care to patients. They are expected to work in the emergency ward of healthcare institutions, and/or in the field where the health or life of patients are at risk.

Normally, the roles of a professional emergency nurse include the implementation of first aid measures, the preparation for or the actual inspection of the patient’s condition, the notation of the patient’s vital signs such as the pulse-rate, blood pressure, body temperature prior to the actual subjection to required emergency room procedures.

After the preliminary procedures, the emergency nurse assists the attending physician in checking and monitoring the patient. He or she also helps the physician in delivering the required treatment for the patient. Below shows the basic roles of an emergency nurse:

a. Emergency nurses provide patient care. They may do so in emergency departments of hospitals, in urgent care centers, sports institutions, industrial firms, and in outdoor designations such as ships, airplanes, helicopters, accident sites, and in other places where injury prevention and health risk control are considered as top priorities.

b. Emergency nurses serve as educators as well since they are often engaged in health care awareness programs such as wellness promotion, injury prevention, violence preservation, and vehicle, drug, and/or equipment safety lectures.

c. Emergency nurses also work as researchers and/or leaders in their field.

What does it take to be a full pledged emergency nurse?

To be able to fulfill the goal of practicing emergency nursing, one needs to be a registered nurse first. This means that the nurse needs to have a diploma or a degree in nursing, and then after, acquire the particular nursing specialty.

Basically, the certification for emergency nursing grants the nurse with personal growth and more advanced career opportunities. In the case of the health care institutions, the certification allows them to ensure high standards of quality assurance since they can note down nurses who have acquired a defined body of nursing knowledge pertinent to emergency care as a particular specialty. Generally, the qualifying exam for emergency nursing certification is patterned after the career practice in the U.S.

After passing the CEN however, emergency nurses are often required to take role delineation studies, and/or regular refresher seminars every five years so as to assure that they are updated and informed of the latest issues and procedures in healthcare services.

Who helps emergency nurses?

Among the prominent institutions which support and promote emergency nursing are: the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) which provides researches, publications, and courses and seminars on professional development and injury prevention for emergencvy nurses; the Board of Certification for Emergency Nurses (BCEN); the Emergency Nurses CARE (EN CARE) which is an organization that provides voluntary service to fifty states; and the Emergency Nurse Association Foundation (ENAF) which provides support for emergency nursing advancement though scholarships and research grants.


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Music in Shakespeare's "The Twelfth Night"

In general, music was made in the very same way that literary works are created- through the imaginative and inventive minds and hearts of highly creative beings. They are also mostly made for the same definitive purpose- to be a medium created to impart a particular image or idea open for various interpretations of the audiences. As such, an effort that demands a combination of both music and literary artistry should be considered as a uniquely challenging piece worthy of recognition and analysis. A perfect example of this is Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night.

To carefully examine the effect of musical incorporation in literary works, this paper aims to explore: “The use of music- particularly songs- in order to enhance the thematic focus of the play, the Twelfth Night.” For this purpose, we will identify the theme supported by the songs as: Happiness is a grand opportunity that comes rarely and therefore, should be seized readily. Moreover, throughout the play, happiness is more or less equated to the state of being in love and being loved in return.

As observed in the said play, there are several points in the play where the music proved to be one of the most prevalent themes and forms of medium upon which the theme was delivered. Basically, the songs enhanced the thematic emphasis of the piece because: it magnified the feelings portrayed in the play; the songs introduced supporting ideas that emphasized the theme; and allows the audience to realize some points to ponder that are related to the theme.

It can be pointed out that music was incorporated in the drama to magnify the feelings portrayed in the play. Generally, as in any play, movie, or visual presentation, an audio piece needs to accompany such in order to enhance the effect that the otherwise plain presentation might garner from its audience. In the play, it can be noted that music accompanied certain scenes where feelings of doubt, pain, happiness, or blissful love need to be emphasized. Particular examples include Toby’s There dwelt a man in Babylon and O, the twelfth day of December to emphasize his state of foolishness and comedic tendencies; and the jester’s Adieu, Good Man Devil to emphasize the pitiful state of Malvolio.

Also, music was used to elaborate the theme of the whole plot by inserting more supporting ideas about the focus of the play. This was done through the incorporation of songs by the jester such as that in Act two-scene three, where Toby and Andrew requested him to sing out of amusement. Apparently, the songs imparted stories of a different plot but were of course in line with the main theme of the whole play. Such songs were the carpe diem melody about grabbing the opportunity of being loved and being happiness, and that other song which relayed the story of a man who committed suicide after he had failed to fulfill his happy ending.

Last but not the least, it is important to note that music also gives way to some points about the theme that the audiences need to ponder on, therefore making the piece more substantial. For example, the animated character of the jester almost always stimulates a rather dull scene through the songs that he imparts, but in one way or another, repeatedly introduces the theme of love as a superlative form of happiness. This can be shown in Act II Scene 3: OLIVIA'S house where the song O mistress mine, where are you roaming? and in Act II Scene 4 when Come away, death was delivered by the jester so as to emphasize that happiness, in the form of love, should be seized instantaneously, and that a love lost can be much equated to death.

Birmingham, The City Of A Thousand Trades

The city dubbed as the “workshop of the world” and “the city of a thousand trades” – Birmingham – lies in the West Midlands region of England. After London, it is the second most populated country in Britain and it is quite popular for its relevance as a tourist spot and as a center of commercial activity in the United Kingdom.

Undeniably, one can say that if you know the rich history of this city, you definitely have a good view of how the whole of Britain developed into what it is now. So, for those interested in the inspiring cultural and historical growth of the United Kingdom as a dominating world power, then a look into the development of Birmingham is definitely a must.

Its early beginnings…

Birmingham had humble beginnings. It was first recorded as a small village that was worth no more than twenty shillings as written in the Domesday Book of 1086. Based on the narratives, the place which extended on to the banks of the River Rea was just a farming hamlet occupied by an Anglo Saxon community during the sixth century. Although there were many variations in the name of the town, the most popular of which was “Bremingham”. It got its name from the phrase "Breme inga ham", which means “home of the descendants of Breme.”

Birmingham was also known as “Bermingeham” and “Bromwicham”. These earlier names were used as a basis for naming other important factors in the growing society. “Brummagen”, a dialect and accent name was derived from the word “Bromwicham”. Now people simply refer to this native language as the “Brummie dialect” and the people from the city are referred to as “Brummies”.

The transformation of the simple town

The evolution of Birmingham as a farming community to a manufacturing site was gradual. Its expansion was quite slow but definitely steady as it ranked the third biggest town in the county of Warwickshire during the 1300’s. While other towns developed as a prime settlement, Birmingham catered to traders and manufacturers of fabric and metal products. At that time, the castle of Birmingham became an important power base not just for the constituents of the town but for those interested in trade in the western part of Britain.

During the fourteenth century, the population of the town reached a thousand and the thriving local industry now involved tanning. The trade links also expanded as alliances with East Anglia and Bristol were formed. Little did the civil war do in hampering the town’s growth. It became a trading and manufacturing town of high status and it started to export metal products to London and Europe. Over the years, its industrial importance increased. Now, it is one of the best places to start a business in the United Kingdom and it has become a national commercial center of Europe.

Obituary: Corazon Conjuangco Aquino

Former Philippine President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, age 76, known as the “Mother of Philippine Democracy” died at a Manila Hospital on July 31, 2009, after a very courageous yearlong battle with colon cancer.

The late President was born on Jan. 25, 1933 to one of the wealthiest families in the Philippines. Her family had great political power in Tarlac, a province which lies about 70 miles away from Manila.

She gained prominence in 1983, after her husband, the late democracy advocate Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino was gunned down at an international airport in Manila just moments after his plane arrived from his exile in the United States. Ninoy Aquino was regarded as the longtime political adversary of then president Ferdinand Marcos. Investigations and reports revealed that his escorts were the ones who assassinated him. The death of Ninoy infuriated the Filipino people and sparked the People Power revolution.

After the death of her husband, Corazon Aquino led the biggest funeral that the Philippines had ever seen. Reports showed that the crowd which joined the funeral procession reached almost two million.

Soon after the funeral, Corazon Aquino agreed to run against the dictatorial presidency of Marcos. She led an uprising in 1986 which was joined by the business community, the opposition, and later, the country’s armed forces as well. The revolt ended Martial Law and the 20-year regime of then-President Marcos. Joined by hundreds of thousands of Filipinos during a three-day protest, Corazon Aquino successfully drove Marcos out of power. On February 25 of the same year, she was sworn as the first female president of the Philippines.

Corazon Aquino became an inspiration for democracy across the globe. She stepped down in 1992 after serving for six years.

Current President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo declared a 10-day mourning period for the late president. The funeral service and public viewing for President Aquino will be held Monday and Tuesday at the Manila Cathedral. There will also be a funeral march in Manila, Philippines on Wednesday.

How to Conduct Employee Performance Appraisals

Regular performance appraisals are vital for the development of both the employer and the employee. Performance appraisals ensure that the needs and expectations of the employer are met properly by the employees. These reviews also maintain productivity and harmony within the organization. As for the employees, appraisals provide them with a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities to the company. It also maintains healthy working relationships between superiors and subordinates. During performance reviews, employees also gain a deeper knowledge on their strengths and weaknesses which they can use to further develop their talents and skills.

Typical Performance Appraisal Process

Phase 1: Set the performance standards

The performance standards must be legally valid, unbiased, and in accordance with the industry’s qualifications. However, such should also be designed according to the actual needs of the company with regards to the organizational setup and work distribution. Through surveys and studies, the management must be able to formulate a primary set of performance expectations.

Phase II: Spreading the news

A comprehensive set of performance standards cannot be created without the essential feedback of the employees. Thus, after the management creates a primary set of performance expectations, such standards must be discussed during one-on-one meetings with every employee. These meetings will provide the employees with the chance to provide feedback regarding the matter. Meetings also ensure proper communication within the organization. The entire performance process must be explained properly to the employees, along with possible consequences. After incorporating relevant feedback to the management’s proposed standards, appropriate employee appraisal forms must be created. Other materials such as tests, team evaluation forms, and attendance sheets must also be prepared.

Phase III: Assessing the employees

Employees must be assessed every six months. Assessments must not be subjected to personal biases. Documents which can strengthen claims relevant to the appraisal must be filled out properly and compiled with the general employee appraisal form.

Phase IV: Discussing the results

Again, one-to-one meetings must be held in order to discuss the results of the appraisal process to each of the employees. Discussions must be constructive and critical and employees must be allowed to reason, and provide feedback. The managers should discuss the employee’s strengths and weakness, with emphasis on how they can further develop themselves. Corresponding rewards and penalties must also be discussed.

What You Should Expect From An Affiliate Program: Tell-Tale Signs That It is Legitimate

Recent statistics show that one in every twenty affiliate programs available in the World Wide Web is a scam. What’s worse is that many people fall victim to these scammers. Unfortunately, they are newbies who are not that aware of how affiliate marketing truly work. These scam victims are either unaware of the various characteristics that one can expect from an affiliate program or they just ignored the doubts that they had.

Expect much if you want to gain much…

Affiliate marketing is a reliable trade. It is not a hocus-pocus field of work that any body can engage in. Just like any kind of job; it requires one to exert effort and work. Affiliate marketing experts that if the marketing program is truly legitimate, it will require some work from the marketer– that means the marketer will have to write articles and direct traffic to the merchant’s site. To earn much, the marketer will be asked to produce well written reviews of the product and offer some back links that will direct the potential customers to the merchant’s web page. Only scammers offer a false opportunity to earn a big amount of money just by signing up in the program or reselling their link or web page.

Experts also point out that aspiring affiliate marketers, especially newbies, should just market products that are already offered by many merchants and affiliate marketers. The popularity of a product proves that the program is legitimate. Since the product is quite useful and the program is really effective and profitable, there are many people who are participating in that online endeavor. That is why a legitimate program will have a sales group that is comprised of a huge and dependable team of marketers. Moreover, there is usually a site where merchants and affiliate marketers can communicate and exchange their ideas and inquiries about the products or services that they are selling.

Also, marketing gurus point out that legitimate affiliate programs do their transactions through reliable affiliate marketing networks that are duly recognized by many online marketing groups and organizations. The most popular of these networks are Clickbooth, Rocket Pocket, Affiliate Fuel, PepperJam, Rextopia, and CPA Storm. They are not promoted through referrals or solicitations. Moreover, the aspiring marketers should formally express their interest in marketing the product by filing an application. Those who offer affiliate marketing programs are often scams.

What’s tangible must be real…

Search engine optimization experts note that in the case of legitimate affiliate marketing programs, the affiliate marketers are asked to endorse or promote an actual product or service, not just an assumed benefit. It might be in the form of furniture, pills, apparel, perfume, or any other product that the affiliate marketer can usually access and investigate on his own.

Moreover, the merchant will exert some effort in proving the efficiency of the product. He will not just bombard the aspiring marketer with promises of good profits. Instead, a legitimate will convince the marketer that the product is worth buying and selling based on its features. In most cases, legitimate merchants will provide affiliate marketers with a free sample so that they can check the reliability of the product and make a careful assessment based on their own product use and experience. This is usually applicable if the product being offered is an e-book, a software program or something that you can readily access online and analyze right away.

How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

Many affiliate marketing scams are out there and if you are a newbie, you might easily fall victim in the hands of expert cons who are just waiting for somebody that they could prey on.

The most common forms of affiliate marketing scams

There are two types of affiliate marketing scams offered these days – those that steal your commission and those that will just try to collect promotions from you through “free sites”.

The floater boxes: Merchants who steal your commission often make use of floater boxes. A floater box refers to that pop-up box that offers browser help. It usually presents a sign-up form and encourages the customer to avoid all the hassles and sign up right away. When you send a user to the website of the merchant, the floater box appears and poof! All of your supposed commissions from that transaction will disappear the moment the user opts to click the box and register.

The floater box steals your supposed commission since that is where the user furnishes the bulk of his transaction. Technically, the customer did not enter information on the page that you have sent him to so you won’t be getting any commission.

The free sites: Aside from floater boxes, some affiliate marketing scams appear as “free sites”. In this process, the merchant will give you a free page so you can be his affiliate. The merchant promises you with tons of cash as you direct customers to your free site. Of course, the more web traffic that you can direct to your “own” web page, the more money will you get. So, you advertise, write promotional articles, build and share links, use resource boxes and more.

However, after you do all the hard work and you have attracted many customers to your site, you won’t get anything in return. The merchant gets the customer and you will end up with nothing. Because the site is hosted by the merchant’s server, you won’t actually know how many visitors have visited your site.

What you should do…

According to marketing experts, the best way to avoid affiliate marketing scams is to check the reviews. Fore example, you are being encouraged to join an affiliate marketing program for the product “Eliana’s Hoodia Juice”. Before you start exerting some effort at promoting the product, you should use the major search engines in searching for some reviews about the product. In this case, you should key in the phrase “Hoodia Juice Scam” in order to find products by scammers. You can also consider looking at affiliate marketing forums and post your inquiries. Another website worth visiting is the If this site shows some complaints made by other marketers, you should be suspicious of that affiliate program right away.

Aside from doing your research, you should avoid affiliate marketing programs that require the aspiring marketers to pay for a certain “admission” fee. Let’s say, there is an affiliate marketing program that will provide you with two choices – either you let the company do all the promotion for you in exchange for paying $50 or you will have to sign up for all of their affiliate programs so you will have the right to get your commissions. Since signing up for all the programs is quite tedious, you are technically left with no choice but to pay for the fee so you can get the promised earnings.

Avoid Being Scammed, Know How Affiliate Marketing Scams Usually Work

Affiliate marketing scams are quite popular these days. Unfortunately, more and more people are becoming victims of these scams. If you are planning to plunge in the field of affiliate marketing and you want to make sure that you won’t fall victim to the works of expert cons, you should be aware of the usual process of how affiliate marketing scams – in the form of affiliate links opportunity sites - usually work.

Less work input, more profits

There is a common scam formula that is very effective – enticing people by promising them instant huge rewards in exchange for less work input. When you encounter affiliate marketing scams, you will be enticed to join an affiliate marketing opportunity through a promise of earning big amounts of money without the need to create a site of your own.

Aside from earning a six digit income in just a month’s time, you won’t have to buy a web site template that usually costs $20. Moreover, you won’t have to pay $10 for web hosting services every month. You can get your every own site and make money with it without the need to capitalize.

If you grab this affiliate link opportunity, you can opt to find someone else to send traffic to your “free” site and you won’t have to worry about anything. You just have to sit back and wait for your commission to arrive in the form of huge amounts of checks.

A glance at reality…

Believe it or not, scammers offer dubious transactions that pose questions and doubts on the minds of an affiliate marketer. But more than often, the would-be scam victims ignore these signs because they want to keep their hopes high – they want to believe in the possibility that they can really instantly earn a lot.

In the case of affiliate link opportunities, their initial offer would be cash in exchange for nothing. However, as you read on, they will tell you that you won’t really just sit back. You have something important to do and that is to promote the site. That certainly looks very easy right? You will be given a “free” site where you will have to place the affiliate link as a “featured” link, and all you have to do is to direct traffic to that site so visitors will click on that link and you can earn money. Still, the task seems manageable and so you will opt to take your chance at the obvious scam.

And then the scam becomes more obvious…

Although you are considering the opportunity, you will soon realize that program is a scam as soon as you get to that point where the merchant offers you a “pay for it or leave it” opportunity.

Note that in the beginning, affiliate marketing scams will be giving you a “free” site and aside from promoting it; you can also earn money if you sell a similar site to some willing affiliate marketer. Technically, you have to convince other people to buy the same site that you have although you are not really familiar of how actually it will produce real benefits aside from the fact that you can earn money by selling and promoting.

However, if you are not capable of promoting the site, the company that originally “gave” you the free site will be very willing to do all the promotion and marketing for you. But, you will have to pay a “small fee” – which usually amounts to less than $50. If you pay that amount, the company will be responsible for bringing a huge amount of traffic to your “free” affiliate site.

If you won’t avail of the “special” service offered by the company, you should first join all the programs that they offer before you will be entitled to the commissions from the links that appear on your site. Until you have signed up for those programs, you won’t receive anything. The sales garnered from those affiliate links will go to the person who gave the “free” site to you. So much for the promise of earning lots of cash the easy way!

Bombarded with the work that you are supposed to do and convinced of the promise that you will earn tons of cash, you will probably accept the agreement in which the company will do the work for you after paying a “small” fee. Unfortunately, you were just conned!

The Signs Of A Scammer: What You Should Be Wary Of In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative forms of online endeavor that anyone gifted with creative writing and sales marketing can make use of. It won’t be a surprise if you are planning to join the trade. However, just like in any business endeavor, you have to be careful. There are many scammers that exist online and you sure don’t want to be the one that they’re preying on.

Stories of an affiliate marketing scam victim

Where will you get the best warning signs that will tell you who is a scammer and who’s not? Aside from the scammer himself, the best resource would be the victims. They can tell you what they have experienced and exactly what you can expect from a scammer, assuming that they have learned their lesson well.

Victims of scam programs often narrate that most scammers appear as obvious unscrupulous personas. You will have doubts about the scammer the moment he proposes an affiliate program to you. So how is it that many still fall victims to these bogus programs? This is because they offer irresistible promises of huge earnings in exchange for just a little amount of work.

According to tales of scam victims, scammers often have ineffective sales letters for their products. Nor will they have effective business proposals to affiliate marketers. They won’t tell you about the efficiency of the product. Rather, they will just bombard you with their success stories and the possibility that you – as an affiliate marketer – can also reap the same rewards.

Blinded by the promise of huge amounts of cash

Many scammers will just post supposed proofs that they are really making money through their sales or through their products. They will post images of their checks or screenshots of their Clickbank statement account. They will brag about their “incomes” in order to attract people to buy and market their products. The truth is, these images are already edited to fit what they want you to believe in.

Scam victims also point out that most scammers will tell you that they sell their products for $10 or less but they will claim that they are making $10,000 in a day’s work. Doing the math, they claim that 1,000 people purchase their e-book everyday. However, if you check, you will see that the site only has about a hundred visitors. Their web traffic shows that what they are claiming is different from the real number of customers that they really have.

Aside from the fake checks, scammers also brag about the items that they “bought” using the money that they have earned from their products. They will usually include pictures of the house and cars that they “bought” instead of providing pictures of how they created the products that they are selling.

The merchant site tells it all

Scam victims and experts also point out that the product websites of unscrupulous affiliate marketing programs can also pose some doubts. Unlike professional marketers that will put some time and effort in making well designed images, logos, and graphics, scammers will not waste their time in making sure that the lay-out and design of their site are interesting and appealing.

When you visit the site of a scammer, you will also notice that there is no product or merchant introduction. Scammers will not bother discussing how they came up with their products. Instead, they will just point out some “supposed” benefits that you will get if you buy their products. They won’t even bother to introduce themselves and establish their credibility.

Crinagen Hair Treatment Review

Crinagen is a natural formula of various herbal ingredients which are known for inhibiting DHT. Thus, it is believed to stop hair loss and then promote the natural hair growing process. Based on most statements of the product users, Crinagen should only be used after the prescriptions medications have been tried and tested.

How does Crinagen Work?

Crinagen addresses the root cause of most hair loss cases – the dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT damages the hair follicles. When this happens, the body’s immune system responds and inflammation happens. This response introduces more damages to the follicles, and most of the time, causes the death of death of the follicular cells. Technically, the best way to stop the development of this hair loss condition – androgenetic alopecia – is by treating the underlying genetic problem which causes DHT. This can be made only through gene therapy that has not been perfectly developed up to now. So, what Crinagen does is to offer the next best solution.

Crinagen tries to block the formation of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by blocking the activity of 5 alpha-reductase. In this process, the hair loss solution then stops the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. In effect, the amount of DHT within the scalp is greatly reduced and so is the hormone’s miniaturizing effect on the follicles. In addition to that, Crinagen also nourishes the blood vessels in the scalp so hair can start to re-grow.

Taking this into account, it can be concluded that Crinagen can only treat hair loss problems which are associated with DHT – in particular, male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. Basically, this product is perfect for people who are seeking a natural alternative to the prescription medications. Crinagen belongs to the “anti-androgen” medications and is ideal for men who are experience diffuse thinning (the formation of a bald spot in back or recession at the temples). This product primarily functions to slow down, if not totally stop the hair loss process. To some extent, it also promotes hair growth but this only occurs effectively if it is used in combination with other prescription drugs.

What are the ingredients of Crinogen?

Crinogen is composed of distilled water; Polysorbate 20; Azelaic Acid; Zinc Acetate Hydrate; Niacin; Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxal-5-phosphate); Saw Palmetto extract (serenoa repens); and Ginkgo Biloba. Among all of these, the most active ingredients are Zinc and Saw Palmetto. These ingredients have been proven to block the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Since these product components are natural, product users do not experience hormonal side effects. They do not experience a reduction in sexual drive which is commonly associated with other hair loss solutions.

What is Unique about Crinagen?

Unlike other topical scalp solutions to hair loss, Crinagen is not paired with an accompanying shampoo. So, it is cheaper than other treatment packages but it still works well. However, even the manufacturers claim that for maximum positive results, the product user must be used along with other hair loss shampoos. Moreover, Crinogen is not sold in local drugstores. Instead, it is only available online. Though it may be convenient to place orders online, some may find this off because of the threat of identity fraud and other security problems associated with online financial transactions.

Corvinex Hair Loss Treatment Review

Corvinex is a popular hair loss solution used by many people nowadays. However, it has a number of positive and negative aspects. Basically, you cannot use Corvinex if you are a woman. It has some chemicals which are not fir for the physiological make-up of a woman. What’s more is that it may have some adverse side effects especially for those who are pregnant or for those who are of the reproductive age and are planning to get pregnant.

Corvinex is generally efficient as a hair loss solution. Just like other hair loss medications, it will take some time before it can produce visible results. In majority of the product users, they observed positive results after two months of continuous use at a dose of twice a day. In some cases, it took them four months before they saw the results.

Before you use this solution, you must first examine the reason for your hair loss. Corvinex is only for people who have male pattern baldness. This is characterized by a thinning crown. Male pattern baldness usually starts after puberty. It is triggered by the hormone – dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a by product of testosterone.

Corvinex contains a 5% minoxidil topical solution which is very effective is promoting hair growth and reversing hair loss for those who have androgenetic alopecia. But, this solution is not appropriate for frontal baldness so you cannot use it if your hair loss is only apparent at the front of your head. Also, Corvinex is not for you if you have no family history of hair loss because this might be the indication that your condition is not generative. If your hair loss is sudden or if it is patchy, then this means that your problem is also not androgenetic so again, Corvinex will not be effective.

While hair loss supplements can be used with topical creams, Corvinex is one of the few hair loss medications that should not be used with other medicines applied on the scalp. Adverse effects might occur when chemicals ingredients from the medications mix. In addition to that, you should not use Corvinex if you have a scalp problem or if your scalp is red, inflamed, irritated, or painful. If any of these occur as side effects of the medication, you should also immediately stop using the product and seek the help of a medical expert. Also, you cannot use this product if you are under eighteen years of age. For the best results, it will be better if you consult your physician before you take this medication, especially if you have a cardio problem. Because of all these limitations, Corvinex somehow appears not so effective in many cases of hair loss.

Another downside of this product is that it must be used continuously. Although hair can start to grow back after two months of use, the patient must consistently take the medication if he wants the strands to continue growing. If the patient decides to stop the medication, the effects of Corvinex are immediately stopped and the new hair will start shedding and thinning again. Considering this case, it might be concluded that this type of hair loss solution is more expensive than the onetime permanent solutions.

Bosley Hair Treatment Review

Just like other hair transplantation process however, Bosley’s solution takes time. It is not something that you can decide on today and have the procedure done a few minutes after. While you can use hair loss supplements and creams right away, this solution entails a lot of waiting and planning. To begin with, you have to visit clinic first in order to set a procedural plan. Of course, the plan is essential and helpful to the patients as specific goals and expectations from the hair transplantation process can be set. Nonetheless, it still takes time and the patient would have to endure another day or another week of waiting for his hair loss treatment to actually transpire.

The hair transplantation process might be painful but there is nothing to worry about since patients will receive local anesthesia. The first part of the actual hair transplantation procedure begins with the donor hair removal. The physician will remove a “donor strip” from the back or the side of your head where natural hair lines are still plenty. After removing this, the donor area will be sutured. More likely, that suture will leave a thin scar on the head which can make the hair transplantation procedure obvious and not as confidential as when you use oral supplements or topical medications.

What’s good about Bosley’s is that they have skilled professionals who are very good at making the new hair seem very natural. They are well aware that people don’t grow hair pretty much like Barbie’s. Natural hairs do not appear like the bristles of a toothbrush. So what they do is that they adjust the follicular groupings and prepare the recipient site with utmost care and precision.

To be specific, the skilled surgical staff uses single follicular units at the restored hair line and then, as the transplant is made farther from the hairline, the density of the follicular groupings also increases. That is why one and two-hair follicular units are planted on the front, 3's and 4's on the top and back. These are then planted on the recipient area where tiny incisions are made. Each of these incisions is carefully made by hand, and Bosley’s physicians ensure that the location, depth and angle will make a completely random-looking and natural hairline and graft area.

Although hair transplantation is very much effective – even when the root cause of the hair loss condition is not associated with DHT, some people will have second thoughts on this solution because it is much expensive and invasive that other hair loss solutions.

Procerin Hair Loss Treatment Review

Procerin is a solution to hair loss that is offered in the form of tablets or solutions. According to manufacturers and product users, this works efficiently. If you have given up all your hopes in non-surgical solutions to hair loss, this product might just be the solution that you are waiting for.

Basically, Procerin works against not all types of baldness. What it targets is the typical kind of balding – the male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness affects men who are genetically predisposed to be bald. Most of the time, men with this inherited condition will start losing their hair anytime after their puberty. This condition begins with a receding hair line and a thinning crown.

While there is no known specific cause of male pattern baldness, what is clear about this type of balding is that it is often triggered by the presence of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT causes hair loss as it gradually destroys the hair follicles and inhibits the regular hair growth cycle. So, what Procerin does is to block the conversion of testosterones into DHTs so hair loss is stopped. It also promotes hair growth.

To solve the problem of hair loss, Procerin makes use of various natural ingredients. If you check their site, you will not see the proprietary blends but there is a list of prominent herbal components which are known to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. These include Saw Palmetto Berries, Gotu Kola, Nettles, Magnesium, Zinc Sulfate,Eleuthero Root , Vitamin B-6, Pumpkin Seed Meal, and Muira Puma Root. These ingredients are so popular in the world of natural medicine and it is not surprising why many people find this product very reliable even before they have used it.

Since most of Procerin’s ingredients are natural products, it does not have serious side effects such as skin irritation, allergies, migraines, and others. The worse effect of Saw Palmetto would be rapid heart palpitation for a short period, and diarrhea. Such only happens if the product user is very sensitive to fatty acids. Also, while some hair loss products have been reported to reduce the sex drive of the user, Procerin doesn’t. This is because though it inhibits the production of DHT, it does not affect the testosterone directly. Natural products like this one are generally safer than those chemically based medications with high concentrations of hair growth elements.

Another good thing about Procerin is the fast “relief” that it offers. If you use it – strictly in accordance with the required dosage, you can expect visible results after two months of use. However, you should not stop using the product once you see that hair strands are again starting to grow. It will be best if you use it for a prolonged period so you can maximize its hair regrowing effects.

Basically, Procerin lets a product user escape balding within a period of time that’s comparable to the effects of more expensive and extensive kinds of hair loss solutions such as hair transplantation. If you use other hair supplements, you will have to wait for a longer period before your hair will start to regrow – approximately six months.

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment Review

Provillus is a hair loss treatment product. Unlike other products used to treat balding however, this one is not only for men. It can be used by women as well.

If you research on this product’s track record, you will notice that Provillus is a relatively new product. Despite the fact that it is new however, its manufacturer – Ultra Herbal – is credible so the doubts on its effectiveness as a hair loss treatment are greatly reduced.

Basically, Provillus helps by promoting the development of hair follicles which are more susceptible for new and healthy hair. It supplies the scalp and hair follicles with enough nourishment in order to bring to life the dying hair follicles, and slow down if not totally stop the balding process.

Provillus is especially applicable for people who are suffering hair loss as a result of natural hair pattern baldness – a hair loss condition that’s genetic and a product of aging. To prevent the development of this balding condition, Provillus targets the main cause of hair loss – the dihydrotestostrone (DHT). Basically, the formula of this supplement blocks the DHT and then it also supplies the body with the nutrients that it needs in order to stimulate hair regrowth. These nutrients penetrate the scalp and provide the hair follicles with what they need to function properly. In effect, the hair follicles start to develop hair strands again.

Unlike other hair loss treatment medications, Provillus is an oral hair supplement. It is taken orally so you can take the medicine anywhere you may be. This makes the overall treatment phase much easier – it’s just like taking your daily dose of vitamins. And, since the hair loss medication is taken orally, it is also absorbed quickly by the body.

Since Provillus is a supplement, there is no need for a prescription from your doctor. Although the manufacturer claims that this product has no side effects – and there are no complaints from the product users, it is always best to consult your physician especially if you are pregnant, if you have a serious medical condition, or if you are undergoing any other medical treatment.

If you want to buy Provillus supplements, then don’t bother going to your local drugstore. Provillus is not distributed through local stores. It is only sold online and that brings many benefits. First, you can readily order the oral medication within the comforts of your home. Just search online and you can find a number of retailers offering this effective hair solution.

Another benefit is that online distribution makes international shipping possible. Even those who live outside the United States can buy Provillus. However, some countries (like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, and Uzbekistan) prohibit the shipping of this product. Before you place your orders online, it will be best if you check your country’s custom laws on importation.

Purchasing Provillus is ultimately risk free because it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you buy the product but end up unsatisfied – which rarely happens – you can request a refund. You just have to return the bottles along with the return merchandise authorization. However, you will have to pay for the refund processing and restocking fee of $10 for every bottle that you are returning.

Book Review: From Silence to Voice, by Bernice Buresh and Suzanne Gordon

The book “Silence to Voice” of Buresh and Gordon addresses one of the most important problems in the nursing profession – the lack of recognition and respect for the hard work and dedication of the nurses. Apparently, the authors note that many nurses do not get the appropriate credit that they deserve for their role as a health care provider due to: (a) the absence of nurses’ participation in health care policy making; (b) the distorted stereotyping of nurses; and (c) the failure of nurses to stress their importance and their contributions to the health care industry.

In relation to the identified problems of reluctance towards the nursing profession, the authors also explored what possible measures can be done. It showed how exactly nurses can gain the deference that they ought to have. Studies presented in the book imply that the nurses should initiate and instigate their position as relevant health care providers. To be able to pursue this goal, nurses themselves must learn to effectively communicate with patients, and their fellow health care providers.

What makes the book an essential reading for nurses is the fact that it presents a multitude of techniques for proper communication not just to enhance the nurse’s image but to convey proper health care practices as well. The book demonstrates how to reach out to media men and people involved in public relations. It also contains notes on how to write effective letters, opinion-editorial pieces, press releases, and other information awareness documents. The book also contains some tips on how nurses can make use of broadcasting mediums.

One of the most important contributions of the book to the nursing profession is that it outlines the importance of nursing research and the need to convey research results in terms that can be understood by the public, and in ways that can actually reach the mass population, not just health care providers. Presenting communication strategies and guidelines that targets this need; the book proves to be a must-read to both aspiring and actual nurses of today.