Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bosley Hair Treatment Review

Just like other hair transplantation process however, Bosley’s solution takes time. It is not something that you can decide on today and have the procedure done a few minutes after. While you can use hair loss supplements and creams right away, this solution entails a lot of waiting and planning. To begin with, you have to visit clinic first in order to set a procedural plan. Of course, the plan is essential and helpful to the patients as specific goals and expectations from the hair transplantation process can be set. Nonetheless, it still takes time and the patient would have to endure another day or another week of waiting for his hair loss treatment to actually transpire.

The hair transplantation process might be painful but there is nothing to worry about since patients will receive local anesthesia. The first part of the actual hair transplantation procedure begins with the donor hair removal. The physician will remove a “donor strip” from the back or the side of your head where natural hair lines are still plenty. After removing this, the donor area will be sutured. More likely, that suture will leave a thin scar on the head which can make the hair transplantation procedure obvious and not as confidential as when you use oral supplements or topical medications.

What’s good about Bosley’s is that they have skilled professionals who are very good at making the new hair seem very natural. They are well aware that people don’t grow hair pretty much like Barbie’s. Natural hairs do not appear like the bristles of a toothbrush. So what they do is that they adjust the follicular groupings and prepare the recipient site with utmost care and precision.

To be specific, the skilled surgical staff uses single follicular units at the restored hair line and then, as the transplant is made farther from the hairline, the density of the follicular groupings also increases. That is why one and two-hair follicular units are planted on the front, 3's and 4's on the top and back. These are then planted on the recipient area where tiny incisions are made. Each of these incisions is carefully made by hand, and Bosley’s physicians ensure that the location, depth and angle will make a completely random-looking and natural hairline and graft area.

Although hair transplantation is very much effective – even when the root cause of the hair loss condition is not associated with DHT, some people will have second thoughts on this solution because it is much expensive and invasive that other hair loss solutions.