Thursday, August 6, 2009

How To Avoid Affiliate Marketing Scams

Many affiliate marketing scams are out there and if you are a newbie, you might easily fall victim in the hands of expert cons who are just waiting for somebody that they could prey on.

The most common forms of affiliate marketing scams

There are two types of affiliate marketing scams offered these days – those that steal your commission and those that will just try to collect promotions from you through “free sites”.

The floater boxes: Merchants who steal your commission often make use of floater boxes. A floater box refers to that pop-up box that offers browser help. It usually presents a sign-up form and encourages the customer to avoid all the hassles and sign up right away. When you send a user to the website of the merchant, the floater box appears and poof! All of your supposed commissions from that transaction will disappear the moment the user opts to click the box and register.

The floater box steals your supposed commission since that is where the user furnishes the bulk of his transaction. Technically, the customer did not enter information on the page that you have sent him to so you won’t be getting any commission.

The free sites: Aside from floater boxes, some affiliate marketing scams appear as “free sites”. In this process, the merchant will give you a free page so you can be his affiliate. The merchant promises you with tons of cash as you direct customers to your free site. Of course, the more web traffic that you can direct to your “own” web page, the more money will you get. So, you advertise, write promotional articles, build and share links, use resource boxes and more.

However, after you do all the hard work and you have attracted many customers to your site, you won’t get anything in return. The merchant gets the customer and you will end up with nothing. Because the site is hosted by the merchant’s server, you won’t actually know how many visitors have visited your site.

What you should do…

According to marketing experts, the best way to avoid affiliate marketing scams is to check the reviews. Fore example, you are being encouraged to join an affiliate marketing program for the product “Eliana’s Hoodia Juice”. Before you start exerting some effort at promoting the product, you should use the major search engines in searching for some reviews about the product. In this case, you should key in the phrase “Hoodia Juice Scam” in order to find products by scammers. You can also consider looking at affiliate marketing forums and post your inquiries. Another website worth visiting is the If this site shows some complaints made by other marketers, you should be suspicious of that affiliate program right away.

Aside from doing your research, you should avoid affiliate marketing programs that require the aspiring marketers to pay for a certain “admission” fee. Let’s say, there is an affiliate marketing program that will provide you with two choices – either you let the company do all the promotion for you in exchange for paying $50 or you will have to sign up for all of their affiliate programs so you will have the right to get your commissions. Since signing up for all the programs is quite tedious, you are technically left with no choice but to pay for the fee so you can get the promised earnings.