Thursday, September 3, 2009

Practical Tips to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

The World Wide Web is one heck of a virtual commercial space which abounds with many opportunities to make some money.

Right now, paid surveys is one of the easiest – not to mention, fastest ways – to earn money online. This is perfect for students, stay-at-home moms, housewives, and other people who are searching for a simple and almost effortless way to make money through the internet.

If you want to try this work-at-home ‘job” yourself, the first thing that you should do is to determine how you can avoid paid survey scams.

How to Avoid Paid Survey Scams

Easier said that done? You bet! There are many scammers who are waiting to prey on novice netizens. The bad news is that you cannot rely on anybody for protection. So, you have to protect yourself.

Before you exert any effort with any website which promises to pay you for every filled-out survey form, you should ask yourself: “Can I really trust this site?”

To answer this question, you should do your research. Spend quality time surfing the net for the most reliable list of paid survey sites.

Once you find a good list, take time to check each of the recommended sites. Visit the website and browse the internet for complaints and scam accusations. Learn how to differentiate between reliable reviews and promotional articles. Do not believe every testimonial that you see, even those which offer documents which back up their outrageous claims.

Considering the fact that many scammers pay affiliate marketers to say positive things about their web sites, the best way to avoid paid survey scams is to really conduct your own background investigation. Here’s a step-by-step approach you should follow in investigating a potential scammer:

a. Conduct a “whois” lookup. Using whois, you can determine if the review site and the paid survey site belong to the same owner. This also reveals if the sites were registered through proxy sites.

b. Check with the Better Business Bureau for reviews, lists, and complaints against the recommended survey sites and their owners.

c. Browse scam forums like and

For security purposes, you should also consider creating a new email account that you’ll only use for receiving and sending the paid surveys. This way, you can prevent identity fraud.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Convert Your Files to PDF / REVIEW: FREE PDF CONVERTER - PrimoPDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format for document exchange created in 1993. Since 2008, it has been released as an open standard which can be used for presenting 2D documents in a manner that’s independent of the user’s software, hardware, and operating system.

Right now, PDF is the file format used in contracts, business documents, e-books, reports, and other files. When you do business online, it is often necessary to create and convert files in PDF format. That’s why you will need a reliable software application which can covert any kind of document to PDF.

In my case, I have found PrimoPDF to be very useful. PrimoPDF is currently one of the most popular software applications used for creating industry-standard PDF files. It’s totally free and you won’t have to deal with annoying ads every time you use it.

PrimoPDF is very easy to use. It can be used in any kind of application for as long as the program offers a “Print” option. Technically, this PDF converter acts like a virtual printer applicable for almost any kind of printable document – word, excel, powerpoint, jpeg, and more.

The conversion process is also quick and easy. What’s more is that you can readily modify your desired PDF output – you can optimize its features for print, screen, e-book, or prepress.

This PDF converter software also includes a security feature which allows a user to wrap the file with 40-bit/128-bit encryption. The user can also restrict file editing, collaborate or merge files, leave comments or make other changes in the converted document.

DETAILS: You will need Windows Vista, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, or Windows 98. Total download size is 7.49 MB


Sunday, August 30, 2009

What You Must Know About Online Teaching Jobs

As many students turn to computers and the internet for their education, online teaching has fast evolved into a top work-at-home online job for many qualified individuals. If you want to take your chance at this opportunity, here’s a quick list of what you need to know about online teaching and tutoring:

What is online teaching?
It is the act of providing virtual education. As such, the teacher and the student go about the education process through the use of internet and other multimedia learning materials and strategies.

What are the qualifications for an online teaching job?
An online teaching job requires expertise in education. You must be a graduate or a post graduate in education, or you must have specialization in academic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, and others. Some employers also require teaching experience.

Can I get an online teaching job?
You should have a pc with a broadband internet connection, plus a reliable headset and microphone. You should also be proficient in MS Office applications, instant messaging, and VOIP Telephony. Other than that, you must be able to set a definite work schedule, preferably at least three hours daily. These schedules are often set according to US or UK local time. Familiarity with your prospective student’s language and culture is also a prime advantage.

What are the benefits of online teaching jobs?
The major advantage is that you can work at home. You can work on part-time, full-time and on-call basis. The pay is also very good and you can also learn innovative teaching strategies.

Where can I get an online teaching job?
You can work with distance education institutions, and tutorial service sites like TutorVista, CourseBridge, Idapted, and more. You can also look for direct employers at freelance job sites like GetaFreelancer, Odesk, Elance, and others.

NEWS FLASH: Learn E-commerce at the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit!

DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit

If you are planning to venture into e-commerce, you can learn e-commerce best practices at the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit which will be held this November 12 and 13, 2009 at Hotel Intercontinental, Makati City.

The event is the 1st ever e-commerce conference organized by the distinguished Club and sponsored by DataOne.

DigitalFilipino Club is a community of e-commerce entrepreneurs, professionals, and enthusiasts founded by Janette Toral. For almost six years now, the community continues to promote e-commerce through information dissemination, interactive programs, and various activities fostered by its knowledge sharing culture. Among its most successful endeavors is the E-Commerce and Search Engine Marketing Webinar Series.

In accordance with its business promotion focus, the Club is launching the summit - an intensive 2-day educational seminar where you can learn about the following:

• Internet and mobile commerce market growth
• Payment programs and platforms catering from mainstream to unbanked market segments
• Executing e-commerce marketing campaigns
• Self-service advertising platforms
• Usability experience: what makes an online visitor purchase?
• Improving e-commerce website performance
• Tracking website analytics and e-commerce sales
• Internet and mobile banking growth
• E-Commerce policies to promote e-commerce growth
• E-Government transactions growth
• E-commerce protection against fraud
• E-Commerce as a viable retail market outlet for SMEs
• New technologies to make e-commerce easier
• PLUS! The summit will be the venue for recognition of the top Philippine E-Commerce sites

The club has invited guest speakers such as CEOs of various SMEs, Corporate Club Members, and two-time DigitalFilipino Web Awards winners who will share the industry's best practices. Club members will receive a free pass for the conference.

You can be a sponsor of the DigitalFilipino E-Commerce Summit!

Work at home opportunity: Will You Really Earn Money With MyLot?

MyLot has been around for years and even now, it still receives much attention not only from MyLot Members, but also from people who are wondering – “will they really earn money from MyLot?”

Before tackling this question, let’s clear things out: MyLot is not just a virtual venue to earn money. It is not a paid-to-review site. To a certain extent, it’s actually a social networking website.

However, if you compare it to Friendster, Facebook, or MySpace, we all know that it doesn’t stand a chance as a virtual community – not one bit. Without a doubt, MyLot lacks the special networking features that most leading virtual social communities can offer. So, in order to attract virtual community members, MyLot uses a very attractive incentive - money.

Now, let’s assess MyLot’s status as a Paid-to-Post community. Among the many paid-to-post communities out there, this one seems to be a top contender. In this network, you can earn by posting discussions, responding to discussions and referring your friends and family. The site appears to be much like a blog-forum and people can initiate and respond to discussions without much limit to the language to be used.

Overall, this lack of restrictions plus the monetary incentives and the chance to interact with other people can make MyLot posting an addiction. So, the process of earning is relatively easy.

In all fairness, MyLot is not a fly-by-night company which suddenly goes offline after thousands of users participated in it. According to many of its users, MyLot pays. So, MyLot is not a scam.

Yet, this paid-to-post site has its downsides.

Foremost of which is the fact that it pays you very little for your every post. There is really no fixed rate at MyLot so you can earn anywhere from $0.01 to $0.03 for each post you make, depending on its quality.

In reality, MyLot is just a place to earn extra money – a ‘little’ extra money. It is not a very reliable income source, especially if you want to make at least $200 a month. It is, however, perfect for those who are fond of participating in online communities.

If you are one of those who actively participates in YahooAnswers and other Q&A sites and forums – and if you are fond of virtual socialization, then MyLot is perfect for you. With this site, you can do what you love and earn money at the same time. Just be sure that you have a Paypal account.

Six Ways to Maximize your profits from MyLot

  • Start discussions. Be more creative and don’t just respond to other threads.
  • Always put tags. Tags are important in classifying MyLot discussions. These are vital for helping other MyLot users find your post.
  • If you post messages, make it long – but not senseless long. Make sure that each message is at least three lines long. Be detailed, descriptive, specific, and elaborate.
  • Post quality comments and discussions. Always make it a point to start interesting discussions which will generate relevant comments. Pick topics that matter to a lot of people not just personal endeavors which will leave other MyLot users wondering what you were talking about.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and wrong sentence constructions. Make sure your posts are easy to understand.
  • Refer your family and friends – and pick those who will surely become active MyLot members. Keep in mind that for every person you refer, you will receive a bonus equal to 25% of their discussion and image earnings.