Sunday, August 30, 2009

What You Must Know About Online Teaching Jobs

As many students turn to computers and the internet for their education, online teaching has fast evolved into a top work-at-home online job for many qualified individuals. If you want to take your chance at this opportunity, here’s a quick list of what you need to know about online teaching and tutoring:

What is online teaching?
It is the act of providing virtual education. As such, the teacher and the student go about the education process through the use of internet and other multimedia learning materials and strategies.

What are the qualifications for an online teaching job?
An online teaching job requires expertise in education. You must be a graduate or a post graduate in education, or you must have specialization in academic subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, and others. Some employers also require teaching experience.

Can I get an online teaching job?
You should have a pc with a broadband internet connection, plus a reliable headset and microphone. You should also be proficient in MS Office applications, instant messaging, and VOIP Telephony. Other than that, you must be able to set a definite work schedule, preferably at least three hours daily. These schedules are often set according to US or UK local time. Familiarity with your prospective student’s language and culture is also a prime advantage.

What are the benefits of online teaching jobs?
The major advantage is that you can work at home. You can work on part-time, full-time and on-call basis. The pay is also very good and you can also learn innovative teaching strategies.

Where can I get an online teaching job?
You can work with distance education institutions, and tutorial service sites like TutorVista, CourseBridge, Idapted, and more. You can also look for direct employers at freelance job sites like GetaFreelancer, Odesk, Elance, and others.