Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is an iPad the right choice for you?

I've heard a lot of rave comments about Apple's latest creation - the iPad. People are literally craving for it. I, for one, used to lust over this gadget. But then, I checked its specs and I'm beginning to wonder.. Is the iPad for me really?

Let's see... If I were to buy a 16gb iPad, that would cost me $499 (or even more since I'm from the Philippines and I'll have to shipping fees, etc.). That's a huge sum of money for some device with very low mem capacity. With that amount, I can get a netbook with an 80GB capacity or more.

Another problem I have with the iPad is that it can't run flash. I won't be able to look into browser-based apps and flash-driven content and sites. I'd probably have to say goodbye to FB games then. The iPad also doesn't have a USB port (you'll need a dock connector) and you can't directly install music, photos, movies, etc. on it (apart from those you get from the itunes store). Sooo disappointing. It doesn't even have a web cam.

On the brighter side however, it's super duper sleek and stylish. It's lightweight (0.63kg) and it will give you a whole new computing experience considering that it functions like an 'overgrown' iPod touch (which I love by the way). It features multitouch navigation plus it uses touch screen. An iPad also has a longer battery life as compared to most netbooks and lappies.

Still, if I'd have to pay for it, I'll wait for future generations first... BUT, if I could have an iPad for free however - that's a whole new different story. I wouldn't say no :) Fortunately, John Chow is giving away an iPad, courtesy of the contest sponsor - Urban Data. It's a website that gives you advanced information about any website on the Internet.