Thursday, August 6, 2009

What You Should Expect From An Affiliate Program: Tell-Tale Signs That It is Legitimate

Recent statistics show that one in every twenty affiliate programs available in the World Wide Web is a scam. What’s worse is that many people fall victim to these scammers. Unfortunately, they are newbies who are not that aware of how affiliate marketing truly work. These scam victims are either unaware of the various characteristics that one can expect from an affiliate program or they just ignored the doubts that they had.

Expect much if you want to gain much…

Affiliate marketing is a reliable trade. It is not a hocus-pocus field of work that any body can engage in. Just like any kind of job; it requires one to exert effort and work. Affiliate marketing experts that if the marketing program is truly legitimate, it will require some work from the marketer– that means the marketer will have to write articles and direct traffic to the merchant’s site. To earn much, the marketer will be asked to produce well written reviews of the product and offer some back links that will direct the potential customers to the merchant’s web page. Only scammers offer a false opportunity to earn a big amount of money just by signing up in the program or reselling their link or web page.

Experts also point out that aspiring affiliate marketers, especially newbies, should just market products that are already offered by many merchants and affiliate marketers. The popularity of a product proves that the program is legitimate. Since the product is quite useful and the program is really effective and profitable, there are many people who are participating in that online endeavor. That is why a legitimate program will have a sales group that is comprised of a huge and dependable team of marketers. Moreover, there is usually a site where merchants and affiliate marketers can communicate and exchange their ideas and inquiries about the products or services that they are selling.

Also, marketing gurus point out that legitimate affiliate programs do their transactions through reliable affiliate marketing networks that are duly recognized by many online marketing groups and organizations. The most popular of these networks are Clickbooth, Rocket Pocket, Affiliate Fuel, PepperJam, Rextopia, and CPA Storm. They are not promoted through referrals or solicitations. Moreover, the aspiring marketers should formally express their interest in marketing the product by filing an application. Those who offer affiliate marketing programs are often scams.

What’s tangible must be real…

Search engine optimization experts note that in the case of legitimate affiliate marketing programs, the affiliate marketers are asked to endorse or promote an actual product or service, not just an assumed benefit. It might be in the form of furniture, pills, apparel, perfume, or any other product that the affiliate marketer can usually access and investigate on his own.

Moreover, the merchant will exert some effort in proving the efficiency of the product. He will not just bombard the aspiring marketer with promises of good profits. Instead, a legitimate will convince the marketer that the product is worth buying and selling based on its features. In most cases, legitimate merchants will provide affiliate marketers with a free sample so that they can check the reliability of the product and make a careful assessment based on their own product use and experience. This is usually applicable if the product being offered is an e-book, a software program or something that you can readily access online and analyze right away.