Thursday, August 6, 2009

Book Review: From Silence to Voice, by Bernice Buresh and Suzanne Gordon

The book “Silence to Voice” of Buresh and Gordon addresses one of the most important problems in the nursing profession – the lack of recognition and respect for the hard work and dedication of the nurses. Apparently, the authors note that many nurses do not get the appropriate credit that they deserve for their role as a health care provider due to: (a) the absence of nurses’ participation in health care policy making; (b) the distorted stereotyping of nurses; and (c) the failure of nurses to stress their importance and their contributions to the health care industry.

In relation to the identified problems of reluctance towards the nursing profession, the authors also explored what possible measures can be done. It showed how exactly nurses can gain the deference that they ought to have. Studies presented in the book imply that the nurses should initiate and instigate their position as relevant health care providers. To be able to pursue this goal, nurses themselves must learn to effectively communicate with patients, and their fellow health care providers.

What makes the book an essential reading for nurses is the fact that it presents a multitude of techniques for proper communication not just to enhance the nurse’s image but to convey proper health care practices as well. The book demonstrates how to reach out to media men and people involved in public relations. It also contains notes on how to write effective letters, opinion-editorial pieces, press releases, and other information awareness documents. The book also contains some tips on how nurses can make use of broadcasting mediums.

One of the most important contributions of the book to the nursing profession is that it outlines the importance of nursing research and the need to convey research results in terms that can be understood by the public, and in ways that can actually reach the mass population, not just health care providers. Presenting communication strategies and guidelines that targets this need; the book proves to be a must-read to both aspiring and actual nurses of today.