Saturday, August 15, 2009

Top 10 Signs that You Can Work From Home

1. You have a computer with very good specifications – a processor of 1.40 GHz and a memory (RAM) of at least 512 megabytes. To check your computer's specifications, click START >> CONTROL PANEL >> SYSTEM. You should be able to use your computer at least eight hours a day.

2. Although not all work at home jobs will require this, it will be best if you have a headset and a webcam. Many employers want to engage in online voice or video conferences.

3. You have a reliable and fast internet connection. It doesn’t really matter if it’s a DSL or a broadband connection. What counts is that you have an internet speed of at least 384 kbps. However, some freelance jobs (like web designing) may require faster internet speeds.

4. You know how to use instant messaging programs like Yahoo Messenger, Windows Live, or Skype.

5. You know how to use web mail systems like Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Hotmail.

6. You have a workstation at home that’s fit for a real job. Like regular office jobs, your workstation must present a healthy working environment that’s well ventilated and free from ambient noise.

7. You don’t have too much tasks on your everyday to-do list and you really have the time to work – seriously. Keep in mind that most work at home jobs will require you to do actual work for forty hours every week. The work schedule is often flexible but employers will make sure that the job you do fits the amount they pay you. Some may even ask you to install spywares.

8. Working in front of the computer for eight hours - everyday - does not bother you. In fact, that’s your way of life.

9. You have the means to get paid – even by overseas employers. You have a PayPal account or an active bank account where your salary can be wire-transferred.

10. You can really manage a work at home job. You are organized and you have excellent time management skills. You are responsible and you don’t need strict supervision.