Sunday, August 16, 2009

Which Home Based Job Is For You? (A Look at Four of Today’s Most Popular Work-at-Home Opportunities)

1. You can be a Web Content Writer. That is if you have great English writing skills and intermediate typing speed. The usual requirement is to submit at least five to ten articles in a week (assuming that you’re required to write 520-word articles, that’s about 4,500 words or more).

Most web content writers are hired to write product reviews and website reviews. Some home-based writers are tasked to write articles for SEO (search engine optimization) or affiliate marketing purposes. Many are also hired to maintain blogs and post in forums. Most employers would require their writers to have college degrees and basic link building skills for SEM purposes (Search Engine Marketing).

2. You can be a Graphic Designer for the Web. If you want this job, you should be capable of creating and developing web design templates and web page elements like logos, banners, and the likes.

You should also have extensive knowledge in graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop, Flash, and others. In addition to that, being proficient with web development software programs like Adobe’s Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage is a plus. Some employers will also require expertise in CSS programming and other programming languages.

3. You can get a Data Entry Job. Most of the time, your responsibilities would be to transcribe the content of voice messages and other audio files. So you will need excellent computer and typing skills. You must have the ability to understand English language (or other language, whichever applies to your job) recordings and then type them out.

In general, employers will hire high school graduates for this work at home job, as long as they meet the qualifications for accuracy and keyboarding speed. In most cases, they will also check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills.

4. You can be a Virtual Personal Assistant. In this line of home based career, the most essential requirements are extensive knowledge on internet use plus excellent communication skills. The job specifications will usually vary from one employer to another.

In general, a virtual personal assistant keeps track of the employer’s schedule, arranges meetings, makes travel plans, checks and answers mails and other messaging systems, answers phone calls, does online research, and performs other responsibilities given by the employer. This work-at-home job may also involve some data entry and secretarial work.