Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Win FREE License of Daniusoft Video Converter

If you’re fond of movies and mobile media players, then you should have a video format converter like Daniusoft Video Converter. It converts music and video files into formats which are fit for almost all portable players like iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Zune, PSP, Pocket PC, PDA, PS3, Archos, iRiver, Creative Zen, Xbox 360, PMP, Smart Phone, Mobile Phone, etc. It’s actually a ‘pay’ software program and it costs $35.95. However, if you join the Sizlopedia giveaway, you can get a FREE license of the Daniusoft Video Converter professional.
In this point-system giveaway, you can get points by:

1. Subscribing to Sizlopedia Newsletter which is FREE.(Required) =5 entry tickets
2. Leaving a meaningful comment on the contest post. While leaving your comment, make sure to use the same email ID which is registered for Sizlopedia newsletter otherwise you won’t be eligible for this giveaway.(Required) = 5 entry tickets
3. You will get 20 entry tickets if you write about this event on your blog or website and put a link back to this post.= 20 entry tickets
4. You can also be a fan on facebook page, tweet this post, Join Google friend connect.
5. You can also share on Digg, stumble upon, facebook etc…
6. You will get entry tickets for additional posts or threads described below:
i. posting a thread on forum Alexa rank below 1000=30 entry tickets.
ii. posting a thread on forum Alexa rank from 1000 to 10000=20 entry tickets.
iii. posting a thread on forum Alexa rank above 10000=10 entry tickets.
iv. posting a thread on forum Alexa rank above 100000=5 entry tickets.

This contest will run until April 14th 2010 11:59pm IST and winners will be announced April 15th 2010. FIVE Winners will be selected on the basis of entry tickets.

For more details, click HERE

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sizlopedia Has A Dell Inspiron Laptop Giveaway has an amazing giveaway - a DELL INSPIRON 14 laptop wit Intel Core 2 Duo Processor. The contest is open to all blog readers worldwide.

How to win: You can gain points from commenting (1 ticket per comment, 2 tickets on the contest post) , posting about the giveaway (20 on 1st website, 5 on every additional site, 5 on every forum thread), and tweeting (1 point). This giveaway lasts until April 29, 2010. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2010.

Why I want to win:
I'd love to win this laptop because mine's about to get busted :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Is an iPad the right choice for you?

I've heard a lot of rave comments about Apple's latest creation - the iPad. People are literally craving for it. I, for one, used to lust over this gadget. But then, I checked its specs and I'm beginning to wonder.. Is the iPad for me really?

Let's see... If I were to buy a 16gb iPad, that would cost me $499 (or even more since I'm from the Philippines and I'll have to shipping fees, etc.). That's a huge sum of money for some device with very low mem capacity. With that amount, I can get a netbook with an 80GB capacity or more.

Another problem I have with the iPad is that it can't run flash. I won't be able to look into browser-based apps and flash-driven content and sites. I'd probably have to say goodbye to FB games then. The iPad also doesn't have a USB port (you'll need a dock connector) and you can't directly install music, photos, movies, etc. on it (apart from those you get from the itunes store). Sooo disappointing. It doesn't even have a web cam.

On the brighter side however, it's super duper sleek and stylish. It's lightweight (0.63kg) and it will give you a whole new computing experience considering that it functions like an 'overgrown' iPod touch (which I love by the way). It features multitouch navigation plus it uses touch screen. An iPad also has a longer battery life as compared to most netbooks and lappies.

Still, if I'd have to pay for it, I'll wait for future generations first... BUT, if I could have an iPad for free however - that's a whole new different story. I wouldn't say no :) Fortunately, John Chow is giving away an iPad, courtesy of the contest sponsor - Urban Data. It's a website that gives you advanced information about any website on the Internet.